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The education program is the most important message we send out to our students.

At IPSO we believe in integrity and honesty and will not advise any student to do workshops or courses that they do not need just for the sake of it.

The education program is specially designed for novices (beginners) starting off or highly skilled professionals looking to advance their skills and knowledge to keep them updated with the latest trends in football and for their CPD points to keep all their qualifications updated through Continued Professional Development.


The education program starts with the Level 1 beginners course as you have to start somewhere. 

Then we move onto the Level 2 workshops a great introduction for you to see the quality and methodology of what IPSO is all about.

The prices of the workshops are ”Purposely Affordable” for everyone and are specifically created to give our students the chance to quickly see what we are all about to help stop the student from laying out a substantial amount of money for products, that they may think are not what they need or not the quality they are looking for. 

(Please Note: No other provider offers this).

We help you select the workshops or courses THAT BEST FITS YOUR NEEDS!

Let us explain our pricing and how simple it is to follow the program.



A beginner’s course in the foundations &  fundamentals of scouting & analysis.



LEVEL 2 WORKSHOPS 1-4 (Are an introduction to the main courses)

The 1-4 workshops are 4 different workshops showing you what the main courses are all about, great introductory workshops that have brilliant information but yet different information to when you participate in the main courses. But a great showcase.

The 5-8 workshops are position specific covering the Keeper, the Centre-back, the Full-Back & the Defensive Midfielder.

The 9-12 workshops are position specific covering the Holding-Midfielder, the Winger, the Attacking-Midfielder & the Striker.

Followed by   the Level 2 Observation Course showing the observation skills you will definitely need in scouting & analysis.

WORKSHOPS 1-4 SERIES:  £20 a workshop. If you do workshops 1,2,3,4, combinedit is only £60

WORKSHOPS 5-8 SERIES:   £20 a workshop. If you do workshops 5,6,7,8, combined it’s only £60.

WORKSHOPS 9-12 SERIES: £20 a workshop. If you do workshops 9,10,11,12, combined it’s only £60.

WORKSHOPS 1-12: If you decide to take them ALL then it should be £180 in total. We will give it you for only £150.


FOOTBALL OBSERVATION COURSE PRICE: £40 In our scouting & analysis Observation Course, we will show you unique observation skills that make a big difference in your scouting, coaching, analysis work and the day-to-day work of a football agent. Players also gain a vast amount of knowledge from these observations that will improve their game.



LEVEL 3 YOUTH SCOUTING PRICE: £200 How to look at youth players across the board. From grassroots to professional academies. 100’s of Fantastic tips and procedures you will need in this field of scouting. Specially designed to be an academy scout at a professional club. Perfect for agents, coaches, analysts and players when looking to improve their game.



LEVEL 4 FIRST TEAM SCOUTING  PRICE: £225 How to become a first-team scout and what it entails. A brilliant course for those who want to move up the ladder and into the first-team environment. A super detailed course to take you to another level. The best scouting course out there to learn the role of a first-team scout. Again it’s perfect for everyone from scouts, analysts, coaches, agents and the modern footballer looking to improve his game.

LEVEL 5 OPPOSITION ANALYSIS MATCH REPORTING PRICE: £250 A course that teaches you to analyse the opposition with great detail and accuracy. This is for coaches to have a stronger tactical thought process of the game and the scouts who want to become the full package in the scouting world and advance in their game knowledge and expertise in analyzing the opposition. This is high end knowledge and very deep. This is perfect for students who need to know the deeper analysis of teams or players. Great for scouts, coaches, analysts, agents and again players to improve their game knowledge.



LEVEL 1 PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS PRICE: £95 The foundations to become a performance analysis but also perfect for anyone wanting to have a good understanding of performance analysis so they have a clear awareness and knowledge of how it works and how to work alongside performance analysts at a professional club. This is designed to show you how performance analysis works with statistics, data and many other areas you need to know about in the world of football. Everyone will gain from this from scouts, agents, coaches, analysts and players to understand their own stats etc.

LEVEL 2 PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS PRICE: £120 Now you are learning to be a performance analyst and you will move into the tagging and coding procedures needed within this role. Aimed at performance analysts but everyone can learn how to do it and improve their game knowledge and understanding of coding.



LEVEL 1 TID FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS COURSE (Please note this is a beginners course) 

This course is designed for BEGINNERS who are really at the beginning of their journey into scouting & analysis.

If you do have a little experience it could be you start on the workshops but this course will give you a good base and another certificate for your CPD work. The course is very unique and is delivered like a quiz come computer game effect, which is fun, and self-paced with a very easy learning process for everyone. It’s for students who are looking to get into scouting & analysis at the start of their journey whether they want to be a scout, analyst or a better coach. It’s also perfect for agents to have an understanding of the protocols and procedures when looking at grassroots to academy players from a professional aspect.

It’s a great starting point to learn the protocols in scouting.

This is not as simple as you think, you will be challenged, you will be tested, but most importantly you will be shown how a youth scout works with the starting procedures a scout would use when learning the ropes and understanding how to look at young players with a scout’s eye.

In this course, you will be tested as we challenge you in all the interactive activities as you look to win your way through to the final of the IPSO CUP as you learn at the same time.

This is a very easy-to-use course designed like a ‘‘computer game” for your enjoyment but with the added bonus of your education in football supported by a certificate at the end, to show that you know the foundations & fundamentals of scouting & analysing players.


The workshops are great CPD (Continued Professional Development) and excellent for gaining points in keeping any certificates like your coaching or scouting qualifications.

We have 12 workshops which we have split into 3 series 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 all taking approximately 90 minutes each workshop with a Q & A at the end to take them to 2 hours if need be but no longer. You can also take them individually if you wish. In these workshops, we will explain a lot of different areas in scouting which are vital before coming on the courses to set you up making sure you are ready for the courses on the pathway. The first workshop is about BIAS a very important starting point in the scouting world. After that, we go into workshops 2, 3 & 4 which are great introductions that explain what the courses will be like and we will show you through these workshops the strength of what you’re going to receive on the main courses all with completely fresh material different to the courses. We then go onto workshops 5 upwards which are all position specific from the Goalkeeper to Full-backs, Centre-backs, Midfielders, Wide-players and Strikers explaining the scouting process in positions on the pitch. 

Your certificate would be Level 2 Workshop 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 etc.

The workshops are great CPD (Continued Professional Development) and excellent for gaining points in keeping any certificates like you’re coaching or scouting qualifications.

Participating in a series saves you money, as the workshops then work out at only £15 each instead of £20.

The workshops start with Bias in scouting & analysis.


We believe EVERYONE IN FOOTBALL should participate on as it will shock people to see how simple it can be to be BIAS to a player or team without you really noticing. A real eye-opener is what most students say after participating.


A look into the information methodology and material you will find on our  Level 3 TID Grassroots Youth Scouting to Under-23’s Pro-Level Course. This will hopefully entice you to come onto the course knowing after the workshop you have peace of mind you are going to be taught great tips and skills you didn’t realize you needed at the youth level.


A similar workshop in delivery with an emphasis on what it takes to move up the ladder into First Team Scouting compared to academy scouting, which is very different. This introduces you to Level 4 First Team Scouting Course. Again, completely different material to what you will encounter when you’re on the main course, but the same methodology that the IPSO tutors pride themselves on. Another eye-opener with the attention to detail you’re going to need to progress in the scouting & analysis side of football working as a 1st team scout.


This is a look at Opposition Analysis/Match Reporting. It’s not as easy as you think and the reporting is very detailed. A great look at what it takes to make these team reports and how to become an opposition analyst.

These 4 workshops can be taken individually or as a series named the 1-4 series. 

Normally costing £20 each you can have them at a knockdown price of 4 for the price of 3 at £60 for the series (£15 each).

4 Workshops with approximately 8 hours of knowledge which is great value for money with 4 certificates for participation.

The next series is the 5-8 series & 9-12 series delving deeper into the details going into position-specific all explained when you check them out. You can take them before doing courses or after as they are extensions of the courses but specifically aimed at each position.


This is a great 3 hour course to show students the skills in observation in many different forms and how to look at body language or the unique observations you should be looking for in players or teams. A 3-hour ‘’Attention to Detail’’ course that covers every aspect of observation in many different ways from the player to the team to the environment where the game is being played. Lots of tips and knowledge to offer here from the tutor’s vast experience when analysing certain situations that can easily be misinterpreted. Deep observation skills and ‘’know-how’’ that you need to have in your locker when working at youth level all the way up to the first team.

All workshops & courses on the pathway are accredited with the qualifications accepted all over the world with our education providers backing within the CPD GROUP.

The next step on the pathway is:


Another great course that is approximately 16 hours taken over 2 or 3 days depending on time (online & in the classroom). A brilliant course on scouting potential in very young players with age-specific scouting procedures. This is needed within this area of scouting.

You will learn the do and do not’s. You will be taught how to minimize mistakes with loads of useful tips from the horse’s mouth as our tutors show you the ropes of scouting young players with the pitfalls and obstacles you could face. Take this course very seriously because if you ever start at a club this is where they will start you and you will need this course as it’s invaluable to everyone in scouting & analysis. The big takeaway from this course is age-specific scouting and position-specific for the age of the young player.


This is learning how to be or work as a first-team scout at a professional club. Again this is a 16-hour course taken over 2 or 3 days depending on times (online & in a classroom). We start to go deeper now and this really is a jump up to another level. This is a game changer and it really does propel you forward in the scouting world. Learning the procedure that first-team scouts adhere to and how they calculate the players is very fascinating as we delve into deep analysis of the player from visual live at the game to the statistical side of scouting. A real-in-depth course of attention to detail at the highest level.


This is where you will be taught how to devise a match report. This is a super detailed course and we strongly advise you to have done all the other courses before coming on this course as you will need the knowledge from the previous courses to help you put this together. This is tough and a very difficult course to pass but the buzz from passing is amazing as then you will know you can do the job properly with super detail. It’s a great feeling of achievement when you pass this course. This is a 16-hour course taken over 2 or 3 days depending on times (online & in the classroom). This is for very serious scouts & analysts.

A lot more when you click to look at the course details.


You’ve now moved away from scouting and into the beginning of ‘‘Performance Analysis.’’ This is a completely different animal. Here you will be shown the foundations and fundamentals of performance analysis showing what it takes to become a professional analyst at a club. A super detailed course delivered at a good pace so you can take on board everything thrown at you as there is a lot to learn in this job. This course is approximately 8 hours prepping you to become a performance analyst. This is a great starting point to get into performance analysis at a very good affordable price for the knowledge you will gain. There is a lot more to this course when you click to look at the real in-depth course details. 


Football performance analysis or match tagging, is now considered as a “very important procedure” when it comes to improving match results and player performances.

On this course you will learn how to tag and code players with live in game analysis.

Coding a game, or tagging a match, involves the process of building a timeline of events that happen within the match. The events recorded are usually determined by the analyst or coach, based on what information they want to focus on from analyzing the opposition or used for training sessions within the football club. On this course you will be shown the skills of how to do this.

This is a very in-depth course and we will teach you that matches can be tagged during the game using apps for smart phones and tablets, and can be tagged post game using many different software.

The match tagging is to create a timeline of all the events you deem relevant or important in a match, and to present this data in reports which help to determine areas of development, areas of strength, home and away team strategies and much more which will be shown on the course.

Apart from learning to use the tagging and coding equipment.


If you are unsure about anything just call us for a chat there is nothing we can’t explain more clearly or click on the course of your choice for more detail. You do not need lots of courses you just need the right one for your development and what you need it for. Here at IPSO, we cover all your needs.

Tel:+447980114048 and a member of the IPSO team will speak with you.

We also have an installment plan to make it easier for everyone. Once you’ve paid a deposit of £50 you can pay anything you like after that until the full fee for the course is paid up, the total amount must be paid before you start the course. Contact us by email at or call us on +447980114048 if you need this.

BUNDLES: We will also do bundles ring us or email us you tell us what you would like to do and and we will come up with a good price that suits the package you have decided to choose when joining the IPSO family.