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Here at IPSO we offer all of our Workshops and Courses in English.

This is because we are an International Organisation and the majority of the World’s population speak English as a first or second language. 

As all but one of our Workshops and Courses is live we only deliver in our Tutors first language, English.

However, we are also highly aware that there are many football enthusiasts around the world who do not speak English, so we allow for them to bring a translator during any workshops or live courses. When we travel the world delivering the courses we will always have a translator as part of the course but any online workshops or courses we do not.

So we are inviting you to bring your own translator if you wish.

The Attendance of a Translator must be previously announced to the IPSO Team prior to the START of the Workshop/Course.

·The translator will NOT receive a Certificate upon completion of the Workshop/Course unless two fees are paid. The translator can have a certificate at a cost of 1/2 price of the course fee they are taking if they wish to participate as a good will gesture by IPSO.

·Both Student and Translator must be present on the same device and same camera feed.

Call Dan our Social Media Manager: +447806565928 or Alex our Operations Manager on: +447583489726 or you can email them at:

For more information we are only a call or email away.

The installment plan is to make it easier for everyone. Once you’ve paid a deposit of £50 you can pay anything you like after that until the full fee for the course is paid up, the total amount must be paid before you start the course. Contact us by email at or call us on +447980114048 if you need this.

Bundles: Create your own bundle and gain a small discount, email or ring us and let us know what you would like to do and we will come up with a good package that suits your needs when looking to improve your education with the IPSO family.