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“The fastest growing CPD Accreditation service. The CPD Group provides a professional,

 personal accreditation service driven by our dedication to quality CPD learning. 

The CPD Group accredit CPD Providers, Trainers, Activities, Employers and Events.

 As the market leader in their field, they pride ourselves on their simple yet effective

 service that helps companies to increase their credibility and verify their expertise.”

You will have the chance to participate on our world class workshops and receive a CPD certificate that has 2 CREDITS for each workshop.

Students tend to talk about the percentage they achieved in an exam or a piece of coursework, but they don’t really talk much about university credits. University credits are essential to completing your degree and yet it probably doesn’t even cross most student’s minds. Credits could be the difference between you passing a module and could even result in having to repeat a year in university.

You gain credits for each module you complete during your time at university. Without credits students would not be able to progress throughout university as credits are evidence that you have passed all your exams and assignments. For a 3 year undergraduate degree 360 credits are required which are accumulated by passing all your exams. Not only are our workshops & courses accredited by the CPD GROUP but many Universities, Football Associations/Federations also endorse IPSO products.




Content is key. The Accreditation and Compliance Team thoroughly check the content of IPSO’s workshops & courses to ensure that the information they provide is factually correct, relevant and up-to-date.

It’s crucial that our learners are receiving accurate information if they are to have a purposeful learning experience. The CPD GROUP ensure we are using legitimate and trustworthy sources when gathering content and referencing throughout.

The CPD Providers that offer CPD Activities in the UK and Overseas. Learners want high-quality CPD opportunities so it’s increasingly important to ensure that your activities meet the required standards.

 We accredit every activity against our A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D. Framework.

 We list every activity that we accredit on The CPD Register.

 Whether you submit 6 or 600 activities, we’ll look at every single one.