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Why is CPD important?

As per UEFA Licensing requirements, Level 3 – 5 coaches are required to complete 15 hours CPD every three years to maintain their UEFA license. 

We recommend that coaches complete a CPD that is relevant to them to further enhance their skill set.

Look no further IPSO have you covered, even giving you free CPD hours to help in your development.

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. As an Assessor, it is very important to keep your CPD record up to date. CPD is all about maintaining and improving your skills and knowledge through training courses and qualifications. A CPD record is usually kept in the form of a portfolio, and should include goals and objectives in order to help you improve even more. As an Assessor, you will be seen as an ‘expert’ by your learners. So it’s important that you stay as up to date within your field as possible. If you decide to move jobs, your prospective employer will want to see your CPD record.

In most industries, the completion of continuous professional development is important because it ensures that you continue to be competent in your field of study or work. In football, the completion of attendance at CPD events and further relevant coach education courses is an ongoing process and will therefore enhance the competence of our coaches, as well as their own career in coaching. This will help ensure that all coaches maintain, or even improve, the knowledge and skills required to deliver the best possible professional service to your players. Completing CPD will therefore mean that you and your coaching knowledge stay up to date, and informed of the latest trends within the game.

When does CPD take affect?

It is a UEFA requirement for several years that all UEFA Licence holders complete a minimum of 15 hours of accredited CPD every three years.

As soon as it is confirmed that you have successfully completed the UEFA licence course, you are required to adhere to this CPD mandate in order to maintain the validity of your UEFA licence.

What’s in it for me?

Football is continually evolving so by regularly updating qualifications and through attending CCD courses, you continue to learn and develop, in order to provide the best possible experience to your players. CPD keeps you up to date with current practice and trends. It also allows you, as a coach, to be reflective and strive to improve your skill set.

Please note, too, that clubs/potential employers are likely to ask for evidence so it is therefore in your own interests to maintain the validity of your licence and CPD achievements.

What is CCD and how does it differ from CPD?

CCD stands for Continuous Coach Development and is different to CPD in that CCD is for those coaches who hold different FA’s coach education awards and not UEFA licences. The principles of CCD are the same as that of CPD. However, those coaches participating in the CCD programme do not need to attain 15 hours of accreditation, but rather ‘trigger’ their validity by attending at least one relevant course or event during the three-year period.

You will have the chance to participate on our world class workshops and receive a CPD certificate that has 2 CREDITS for each workshop.

Students tend to talk about the percentage they achieved in an exam or a piece of coursework, but they don’t really talk much about university credits. University credits are essential to completing your degree and yet it probably doesn’t even cross most student’s minds. Credits could be the difference between you passing a module and could even result in having to repeat a year in university.

You gain credits for each module you complete during your time at university. Without credits students would not be able to progress throughout university as credits are evidence that you have passed all your exams and assignments. For a 3 year undergraduate degree 360 credits are required which are accumulated by passing all your exams. Not only are our workshops & courses accredited by the CPD GROUP but many Universities, Football Associations/Federations also endorse IPSO products.




Content is key. The Accreditation and Compliance Team thoroughly check the content of IPSO’s workshops & courses to ensure that the information they provide is factually correct, relevant and up-to-date.

It’s crucial that our learners are receiving accurate information if they are to have a purposeful learning experience. The CPD GROUP ensure we are using legitimate and trustworthy sources when gathering content and referencing throughout.

The CPD Providers that offer CPD Activities in the UK and Overseas. Learners want high-quality CPD opportunities so it’s increasingly important to ensure that your activities meet the required standards.

 We accredit every activity against our A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D. Framework.

 We list every activity that we accredit on The CPD Register.

 Whether you submit 6 or 600 activities, we’ll look at every single one.