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Below is all the workshops, courses and the ‘’Pathway.’’ By clicking on one it will take you through to the product about page and booking page if needed.


You can take any workshop or course anytime to suit your needs.

We would advise every student participating to follow the pathway as we know this is the correct way to learn the knowledge on scouting and analysis. Why? Because following the pathway will give you the correct knowledge and information at each level as there are so many different areas and procedures to follow and learn. We at IPSO have specially designed the pathway to make your learning experience more comfortable and enriching as you progress. You will be shocked as the levels progress the strength of the content does too. Many students have asked the question: Can we go onto other levels before level 1 for example like Level 2, 3, 4 and 5. The answer is YES you can do any workshop or course in any order as we believe students are all at different levels when they participate with us and we don’t want them doing anything they don’t have too. A quick call or email to the IPSO team will give you any answers you need as regarding what suits your needs in were you are now.

LEVEL 1 FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS TID COURSEIs for beginners and people starting off to learn about the protocols and the basics of scouting & analysis. It’s a self-paced course that takes approximately 1hour depending on the student. It’s based on a computer game theme so you can have fun while learning as you enter the IPSO cup where you have to win through rounds with questions and answers through to the final to gain your first IPSO certificate. It’s fun but very educational at the same time. A great starting point for anyone looking to know what is scouting & analysis all about.

LEVEL 2 THE WORKSHOPSThis is for the inquisitive student who wants to know what are our courses are like. We offer the first of our series workshops which is called 1-4 series. This is four workshops for the price of three £60 instead of £80. These workshops are very unique as we are giving you a look into our courses, basically the workshops are great samples of what the full courses are about showing you our material, methodology and delivery. We are doing this to show you how strong our material is and if you enjoy the workshops you can then know that moving onto the courses are going to be worth it and value for money, we are the only education provider doing this, if you like what you see great and do more if you don’t then you know you haven’t thrown away your money on courses that don’t hit the spot or are not value for money.

12 workshops covering BIAS and introductions to Level 3, 4 and 5. Then we have position specific covering the Keeper, Full-Back, Centre-Back, Midfielders, Wingers and Strikers.

LEVEL 2 THE OBSERVATION COURSE: This is a great course to show students the skills in observation in many different forms and how to look at body language or the unique observations you should be looking for in players or teams. A 3 Hour ‘’Attention to Detail’’ course that covers every aspect of observation in many different ways from the player to the team to the environment wee the games being played. Lots of tips and knowledge to offer here from the tutor’s vast experience when analysing certain situations that can easily be misinterpreted. Deep observation skills and ‘’know how’’ that you need to know when working at youth level all the way up to and around the first team environment.


This is for students wanting to know about youth scouting from grassroots to young professionals at pro-football clubs. This is a very strong course and probably the most important course of all our courses, because if you get to work at a club or for an agency they will always send you to look at young players first while you gain experience in the scouting and analysis world. It’s a look at ‘’AGE SPECIFIC’’ scouting from the very young to under 23’s football. A vast amount of knowledge is needed when looking for potential, this course will provide this information and knowledge.


This is for students wanting to know the procedures and work ethic of a first team scout. This is a big step up from youth scouting as you will learn how a first team scout goes about his job from the day to day working around the first team environment. You will learn report writing, individual player analysis, 11 players at speed and match reporting which are just a few of the areas we will cover in this course. An eye opener that even professional scouts take a lot away from.


This is for students wanting to move into the elite of scouting by learning to create a high quality match report/team assessment. Here we will teach students how to be an opposition analyst the hardest job in scouting & analysis. Here you will learn the way to create and build a match report with an attention to detail procedure. Once you can create reports of quality you will be very highly thought of at a football clubs recruitment department. Not only that but you could use these skills as a coach/manager of a football team in your everyday coaching practice or when you’re running a team from the technical area on the pitch. A great course which will test even the best or very knowledgeable scouts or analysts.


This is for students looking into performance analysis. On this course we will show you a very detailed and interactive course. Specializing and focusing on Team and Player Analysis using the latest. Software and Technology used within the game. You will be shown how ”Performance Analysts” at the highest level work behind the scenes at a Professional Club. You will be shown how top analysts use or maximize the tools of Hudl, Wyscout, Instat and Mertica to the club and analysts advantage. On this course, you’ll learn how to approach performance analysis at the elite level of the game, with a specific focus on the statistical side of the game. The tutor will go through many procedures that you must adhere to when looking to make it in performance analysis.  You will be shown standards that need to be followed and the specialist approach to learning the skills that makes a difference as a performance analyst.


This is for students looking into performance analysis in a deeper and more advance way. Tagging and coding is a procedure of creating a timeline of events that happen in the match you want to analyse. After tagging your match, report pages can be generated and used to analyse performances. You are going to be taught and shown the correct procedures on how to tag and code players in game time. This is a real in-depth course with great detail and new knowledge to improve your performance analysis skills. This will give you an overview of your team’s performance. Generally this is performed by an analyst who watches a video of a match. The analyst will use a Code Window which contains buttons that represent match events at certain times. The Code Window Actions and Tags reflect the events deemed important to the game-plans and strategies put in place by your coaches. Match Tagging can be an essential tool in helping to optimise player and team performances. Analysis and the reports generated from Match Tagging are as individual as the coach using them, there is no “one Code Window or Match Tagging report that fits all”. But by the end of the course you will be fully functional to deliver a professional report by tagging and coding a football match. There will be many other areas taught within The Performance Analysis Level 2 that are not on our Level 1 Performance Analysis Course.

We have an instalment plan to make it easier for everyone. Once you’ve paid a deposit of £50 you can pay anything you like after that until the full fee for the course is paid up, the total amount must be paid before you start the course. Contact us by email at or call us on +447980114048 if you need this.

BUNDLES: Create your own bundle and gain a small discount, email or ring us and let us know what you would like to do and we will come up with a good package that suits your needs when looking to improve your education with the IPSO family.

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