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Ex Manchester United Chief Scout Mick Brown Recommends IPSO

Mick Brown is a former assistant manager and former chief scout of Manchester United. Mr Brown was also former chief scout at Blackburn Rovers and has scouted at International level for England.

“IPSO is a great starting point for a career into scouting. Scouting is very underestimated. These courses will show you how to scout with the detail needed to work from grassroots up to the highest level in football. Showing you clearly the obstacles that will arise with the correct tips provided to get through them when assessing players at every level. These courses are a must for coaches and aspiring managers, the methodology used is marvellous’’ – keep up the good work IPSO.

Bayern Munich Youth Chief Scout Timon Pauls

Mr Pauls was full of praises for the course and said he thoroughly enjoyed it and picked up some good pointers to improve himself.
Timon really appreciated the writing side and player reporting section where he was really impressed as it helped improve his work procedure and analysis.

IPSO acclaimed by the India FA (AIFF) All India Football Federation

Colin Chambers one of the directors of IPSO shaking hands with AIFF Technical Director Isac Doru (On the left) who used to work at Nagoya Grampus Eight as assistant to Arsene Wenger. Before he left Japan, Mr Doru worked with Carlos Queiros, former Real Madrid & Manchester United.

On the right we have Head of Coaching Eductaion Savio Medeira. Savio is the former India National team coach and professional player. Savio greets Colin Chambers and was very impressed with what IPSO has to offer Indian football. “Scouts carry immense importance for a successful team. They need to scout according to the coach’s requirements. They have to understand which player is being sought by the coach and they will need to act accordingly. Good scouts will be able to identify better players and eventually, they’ll be trained by the coaches. At the end of the day, it will help Indian football to grow. IPSO has opened my eyes and will only improve our coaches, excellent courses and we are glad to partner with IPSO” he said.

IPSO’s ways of imparting knowledge is unique and you get glued the moment the tutors start their session. IPSO is doing a fantastic job of making future scouts understand that if they want to be thorough professionals, these are the type of courses that they need to attend.

For me personally, there is none better than IPSO. A playing career does help you in your scouting but you get to learn “Attention to Detail” in these courses. I would highly recommend IPSO for anyone taking a scouting pathway.”

Thanks and regards,
Savio Medeira
Head of Coach Education
All India Football Federation

Lazio Star Stephen Makinwa Endorses IPSO Workshops

”I attended the IPSO workshops 1-4 series presented by the IPSO team in the past week. As an ex-professional and Nigerian International that was privileged to play at the highest level, I have some knowledge on scouting, but the IPSO workshops helped me put them in perspective. The attention to detail in these workshops was way beyond great. Now as I’m working as an agent this information is useful to my approach to recruiting new clients and helping them too. If these are “Only” workshops. Then I look forward to the Talent ID and Level 1 courses, exceptional content.” Stephen Ayodele Makinwa.

Manager of the ROMANIA Football Federation Scouting Department, Ion Geolgău

“It is the first time that such an event is organised at FRF. We received positive feedback from all participants, everyone was delighted by this experience. We hope that in the future we will organise such courses for the best development in this field for all FRF coaches.” said the manager of the FRF scouting department, Ion Geolgău.

Swedish Legend Hans Backe Talks About IPSO

Former Swedish football player Hans “Hasse” Backe who once managed Finland’s national side and the New York Red Bulls in Major League Soccer was the special guest at the first IPSO course in Sweden held in Stockholm, at the Tele 2 arena home of Djurgarden IF. Hans a good friend of Sven Goran Eriksson who he worked alongside at Manchester City was welcomed on the course to share his experiences and knowledge. – “I loved the course and honestly I had learnt things with good tips that IPSO shares in their attention to detail approach. It was very enjoyable but also eye opening and perfect for novices or experienced people like myself. – said Hans

Scotland Star Talks About IPSO

Colin Hendry the Ex-Scotland International and Premier League winner with Blackburn Rovers who also played for Man City and Scottish Champions Rangers had this to say. Scouting is a big part in the infrastructure of a professional football club and IPSO provides that ‘‘Attention to Detail’’ that is needed in all scouting departments.

Estonia Football Association Applaued IPSO

Janno Kivisild the director of football at the Estonia FA shakes on a new partnership with IPSO director Kamil Potrykus. ”We are extremely pleased to partner our first football association” said Mr Potrykus ”we have worked very hard over the years to develop our products to suit the needs of associations and governing bodies. We are now being noted for the quality of our courses”. Mr Kivisild an experienced footballer at international level and coach educator had this to say on why the Estonia FA partnered up with IPSO. “Estonian Football Association is very grateful to have the opportunity to start collaborating with IPSO in order to take the Estonian football to the next level. Our football culture is still young and developing and that is the reason the collaboration is the most valuable for us, it gives our coaches scouting knowhow and ability to see the players from a different angle. So far, scouting has been the area where we lack knowledge and experience and thanks to IPSO we can improve our standards and quality. The knowledge that IPSO provides for the participants during the courses is also very useful to football coaches. Not only did they receive knowledge about scouting, but also certain aspects in coaching. Those courses are really informative and practical and it gives them many new ideas and knowledge how to evaluate individual players. Now the first steps of improving our football has been made together with great people in IPSO and I hope our collaboration will be long and fruitful.“

Ex-Scottish SFA Chief Executive & ex Man City Footballer Praises IPSO

“I think the course is excellent and the way IPSO explains it is also first class. More Scottish teams will be developing their scouting systems to a greater degree. That’s why I think the IPSO course will take off and more and more people will take part in it.”

USA International and MLS player Nick Garcia takes part on IPSO

Another star attendee was ex footballer Nick Garcia formerly off Kansas City Wizards, San Jose Earthquakes and Toronto FC. Nick a former defensive player was very impressed with the course and wants more. – ‘’I was impressed with the whole structure and the program IPSO have put together I can see this doing well for sure and it’s just what’s needed over here. Great course loved it’’ – said Nick

Estonia National Manager Compliments IPSO

Karel Voolaid is the National Team Coach at Estonia and has 20 years behind him in coaching. Karel had this to say about the course ‘‘Taking part in various courses I still found this course very interesting with important points and details for football coaches. How to understand about scouting work, I was very pleased with this open minded style of course. When you take up an IPSO course you are exposed to not only new and fresh ideas about the scouting world but it also keeps you updated to everything that is related to football in general.’’

Polish Football Association trained by IPSO

On the invitation of Head of department of the Polish FA Coaching School Dariusz Pasieka, we demonstrated how to put best practice into place and, by doing so, develop an infrastructure that would build stability and allow Polish clubs to select and develop players.

We provided guidance in match reporting and team assessments, focusing on attention to detail.

– “We invited IPSO to show our Pro-License students the ins and outs of scouting and analysis at a very high level preparing them for the European Championships in France. Any suggestions, details or new ideas which helps our coaches is more than welcome and IPSO provides this.” – said Dariusz

Nene Reis Ex Porto Chief Scout Loved Ipso Course

Nene has a wealth of experience in scouting and has worked under José Mourinho. Nene said ‘‘I recommend all scouts around the world should participate on this course. It’s very, very, very, very good!’’

Poland National Manager Praises IPSO

Jerzey Brzeczek you can’t have enough knowledge about football as it changes all the time. The courses are great for beginners or people who have been in the game a long time. It’s good to hear views of other people from other countries especially from the premier league were IPSO are based, the knowledge of their football is great. Excellent courses and very useful education products for football.’’

Poland Under 21 National Manager Approves IPSO

Czeslaw Michniewicz IPSO is a fantastic organisation their courses are unique and innovative and polish football is benefiting very much from their expertise in the football education sector.

China Executive Director Acclaims IPSO

Yang Xu Executive Director of Beijing Baxi FC This is what our professional football lacks and we need courses like this to advance our football infrastructure. Scouting will become very important in the future. This is a great amendment for football knowledge.

MILLWALL FC players endorse IPSO courses

Millwall FC Club Captain Steve Morison said ’’In preparation for my football retirement and as I’ve just done my UEFA A license, I thought this would be a good opportunity to pop in and see what IPSO had to offer in the scouting and analysis side of the game. It was an excellent course and fully enjoyable. I picked up some great points that would only stand me in good stead in the future.’’
While out injured with a cruciate ligament problem Byron Webster attended the course, Byron said ’’What an eye opener, it was really interesting to see how scouts at the highest level work. The attention to detail they have to explain to their chief scouts/managers was very meticulous and they left no stone unturned. I fully recommend the course as it was very informative and delivered to the attendants with great scouting knowledge from this IPSO tutor.’’

The third player on the course was central midfielder Shaun Williams. Shaun had this to say. ’’It was really good and worthwhile, it had lots of things that I already know, but also lots of things that I didn’t know and this will help me further down the line when I come to the end of my playing career.

Scouting & analysis, coaching, managing or even if I became an agent, this was all good material that would really help. The content covered many aspects of scouting that I didn’t know, like statistical scouting and how to build up a data-base. It was a really intense and interesting course. I would advise anyone who’s coming to the end of their careers to go on the course and improve their football knowledge.’’

SK SLAVIA PRAHA staff approve IPSO courses

Petr Hurych chief scout at Slavia Prague had this to say ‘‘I know how good the course was as I took a lot away from the course in Hungary knowing it would help my team and hopefully improve their work procedure and thought process when scouting and I’m sure the guys have took a lot away from this course our sports manager Jiri Bilek was very impressed as was our academy director Jiri Plisek as they both attended the course. It was a pleasure to have IPSO here, not only helping our club with new ideas and methods but helping Czech Republic football in general’’ 20 people attended the course not only the staff of Slavia but young football enthusiasts looking to learn more in football and try and get in the game in some capacity it was great to see the young guys mixing with our staff who shared some of their experiences.’’

Stephen Gent

Top professional full of praises for ONLINE course. “For anyone wanting to become or starting out as a football scout, this is a fantastic and very informative course that will give you a great initial insight into scouting and will help you as you begin your scouting journey. “ Thanks Stephen Gent | Head of Scouting Operations

ZADLEBIE LUBIN commend IPSO courses

Marek Wachnik director of public relations had this to say.” For us as a Club, it is not only a valuable experience, but also building relationships for the future. Cooperation with IPSO will allow us not only to raise the qualifications of our employees, but also to build the Zagłębie Lubin brand in Europe. The number of IPSO training events or courses gives us new opportunities, such as opening up to new scouting aspects, but also allows us to prove ourselves as an organizer – which is also an excellent opportunity to expand the network of contacts. We hope that cooperation with IPSO will allow us to organize further training in Lubin, but also open up opportunities for us to gain valuable experience with other teams with which IPSO is associated. ”

Kuba Chodorowski ” The partnership with IPSO gives us new opportunities for further development of the club. Well-trained and organized people are the basis of scouting. We want to give our employees as many opportunities as possible to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. We are also open to acquiring new associates and expanding the scouting network. Cooperation with organizations such as IPSO allows for the mutual exchange of experiences and the development of more effective structures both at the youth scouting level as well as the senior scouting for the first team.’‘

Keep up the good work congratulations IPSO added Hans.

Middlesbrough’s FC Footballer Recommend IPSO

I found the Online Course in the Foundations of Football Scouting very informative, interesting and enjoyable.

It is a fantastic introduction into what is required to be a scout and allows the user to learn from an easy to use, engaging platform.

I can highly recommend this online course as the perfect pathway for beginners into the world of scouting.

I’m looking forward to starting the next IPSO courses. Thank you IPSO

Mustapha Biskri (Assistant Manager of Algeria National Football team) Commented

First of all it was a pleasure participating to this valuable training, it’s an added value for a coach to help him prepare for the match with more information about opponents on an individual or on a team. The first thing that impressed me during the training course was IPSO’s method of teaching and the process of information from the simple to deep, also I appreciated their approach to the students making everyone very comfortable especially in exchanging thoughts and ideas. This is the first level and we are looking to take the second level. Once again we wish you the best for all efforts you are providing to develop football around the world, thank you IPSO.

Othello Bah - Miami FC

Ahmed Shaban - Zamalek SC

Ferenc Bene

Ferenc Bene is a very highly respected professional football coach in Hungary. He has played the game and managed in Hungary acquiring a pro license coaching badge.

urrently the manager of the Under 18’s Hungarian national team, Ferenc had this to say about both Level 1 & Level 2 courses he participated in the last few months.

‘‘It was a great honor and pleasure to participate at the IPSO scouting course level 1 & level 2. At the very first moment of meeting one of their directors Colin Chambers I felt a considerate and open-minded person. After two courses and 4 days with him on the IPSO courses I now realize the qualities he brought as a really experienced scout and football coach as well. All the courses were professionally organized with a good cooperative atmosphere.

For me, as a coach it was a very valuable study, because I could gain new experiences from a different point of view on football. The Level 1 was very focused on the personalities and personal attributes of a player. The Level 2 was more complex and focused on the team tactics and organization. It was very detailed about the player’s tasks on the pitch. Both were really interesting and it’s changed my mind, and motivated me to think differently about players when thinking about the game and looking at players individually.’’

Thank you for everything and best regards from Ferenc Bene”

Under 18’s Hungarian National Team manager and UEFA Pro Level football coach.

Ajax takes IPSO Scouting and Analysis Courses

This is what I personally need at this moment in time in my career and this is exactly what I required. I wanted to improve in scouting, in observation, tactics, player profiling and many other areas that IPSO teach on their courses, they delivered in abundance.’’

Srdjan Savic from FK Radnik Surdulica


Manchester City Analyst Praises IPSO

When I saw an advertisement for their courses in my university I registered and I wasn’t disappointed. The quality of their materials and methodology made me keep coming back for more therefore registering and completing the rest of the courses, seminars or workshops to improve my knowledge.

Moreover, the courses are created in such a way that help the individuals to interact with each other, listen to other’s opinions and perspectives and they create a great networking event within their products.

I was impressed from the IPSO philosophy of “Attention to Detail” which helped me to transfer this football knowledge and adapt it to my roles in the football industry. The aftercare I received was second to none and nothing was any trouble when asking for feedback or advice.
The partnership with the UCFB and IPSO has done me proud and I couldn’t gave wished for better tutoring. If it wasn’t for IPSO & the UCFB I wouldn’t be working for what I believe is now the biggest club in the world at Manchester City.

NEWCASTLE UNITED FC Player Recruitment Analyst "Praises IPSO"

“I reached out to IPSO as I was interested in learning their process of ‘Analysing 11 players at the same time, live at speed’.

Having worked previously as a pre & post match analyst at Blackburn Rovers and currently as a player recruitment analyst, my day to day work at Newcastle involves a lot of video work. With this I have the chance to pause, rewind and slow down the video to make informed decisions. I appreciate that taking in and noting information live on a large number of players requires a completely different skill-set. IPSO broke this process down and built it up to analysis all 11 players at speed, alongside taking in other key information from the match. I certainly took away elements that I can use when reporting live or on video moving forward.

Congratulations IPSO great course.”

– Kevin Metcalfe Player Recruitment Analyst at Newcastle United Football Club.

Scout at Santos of Brazil Validates IPSO

I am a first team scout from one the biggest teams in Brazil Santos. In order to be fully ready for this new challenge, I’ve decided to take the Level 1 Course and besides the great theoretical content, this course helped me to understand more about the live scouting experience. The expertise from the teachers and the amazing interaction within the class were vital for me to extract everything I could from this 2-day live course. IPSO definitely helped me to achieve my biggest professional goal and improve.

IPSO graduate Pedro Paiva Santos is the new Head of the Scouting Department at Oliveira do Bairro Sport Clube and had this to say about IPSO: “If it wasn’t for the IPSO courses I may not be where I am today I highly recommend all IPSO courses and workshops, great information that makes a difference”.

I was more than satisfied and happy with the course, their approach, their teaching ideologies and finally the bond between students & tutors at the end of the course was the highlight. Without a doubt it was a stepping stone in a field I love the most. And now even in lock down in this trying period they keep impressing every passionate individual connected with football by their online course which I recently completed.

I’m now looking forward to the upcoming workshops & webinars. It’s with the help of IPSO I am now working with Score Sports Agency in India.

Thank You IPSO & Best wishes Nimesh Pitale.

Robert Saade from Lebanon visited the Level 1 course at the National Football Museum last weekend and had this to say. “The IPSO course covers perfectly the scouting department when it comes to a player’s abilities. The materials were so vast and detailed oriented in a way that you couldn’t skip anything regarding how to assess a player’s attributes in a live game. What are the qualities a good scout would want to pay attention to, and how to prepare a good analytical, accurate report about a football player. The environment was so academic and yet so friendly, opening up margins for interesting discussions around football in general and scouting in specific. IPSO guys showed us a lot of expertise and vast knowledge around the various topics we discussed and covered. I would recommend IPSO courses to any person who’s interested in the football industry.”

Simon Beuls had this to say ‘’I liked every part of this course. It started with a travel from Belgium to Scandinavia, which is one of my favourite places on earth. We had the opportunity to have this course in the Malmö FF stadium. This was a perfect backdrop for our tutor Kevin to transfer his extensive knowledge of football scouting to us.

The Course itself was very professional, very clear. It was a course that covered both theory and practice. We had the chance to see a Malmö FF youth game near the stadium. That’s exactly the place where someone called ‘Zlatan’ made his first goals.‘’

Under 18’s Hungarian National Team Manager Discusses IPSO