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This course is designed to be delivered like a quiz computer game effect which is fun with an easy learning process for everyone and anyone.

You will be challenged, you will be tested, but most importantly you will be shown how a scout works from being shown the procedures a scout would use at the beginning when learning the ropes and understanding how to look at young players with a scout’s eye.

This course is excellent for analysts, coaches, football enthusiasts or people wanting to look or indulge in the world of scouting. It’s aimed at anyone wanting to understand scouting, a student, a parent or a qualified coach and even a player would learn from this. It is for everyone wanting to find out the fundamentals of scouting.

This is no ordinary course that only shows you the protocols at an expensive cost like other online scouting courses, it actually teaches you to scout, giving you the foundations & fundamentals of scouting that may lead you into a new career or hobby. At IPSO we are known for our “Attention to Detail’’ approach. In this course you will be tested as we challenge you in the interactive activities as you try to win through to the final of the IPSO cup as you learn at the same time. This is an easy to use ”computer game styled” course for your enjoyment but with the added bonus of education and a certificate at the end to show you know the foundations & fundamentals of football scouting.

This Talent Identification in Football Scouting Course was designed by Elite Premier League Football Scouts who have actually scouted at grassroots, academy and youth level for many years combining a world of knowledge to give you a head start in your journey into scouting, covering all aspects of talent identification.

This course will actual Show You How to Scout with early indicators that a professional football scout would use with the ‘‘Attention to Detail’’ process that IPSO scouts worldwide use in their everyday procedures, delving deeper into what a professional scout would do at the early stages of scouting young players.

There are many engaging activities within this course which will help you in your search for knowledge. You will gain a great understanding and platform to advance your knowledge and thought process that is needed to operate as a football player, scout, analyst or coach.

The course has been developed in line with the EPPP and is a great stepping stone for a career in football in many capacities.


The IPSO Introduction into Football Scouting is not enough to operate as a full-time scout. But this will give you a great starting point. Your next step will be the 2-day practical TID Grassroots to pro-academy 6’s to 23’s to further your knowledge of talent identification in football and to ultimately move forward to operate as a football scout worldwide.

The IPSO Introduction into Football Scouting course is based 100% online. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive your assigned username and password. Please check your spam/junk folder, emails can often get found in this area. We advise for best effects that you take the course on a PC or Mac with the latest version of Google Chrome installed for optimal speed and ease of use.

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Our main aim at IPSO is to provide the appropriate tools and the knowledge that will make you a better football scout, analyst or coach. But we don’t just stop there, after you take our courses you are part of the IPSO Family.

We pride ourselves of helping our students progress their way into the scouting & analysis world with the help of our growing worldwide network of contacts. We help aspiring scouts, analysts or coaches find their first job in the game by teaching the procedures and the techniques with ”Attention to Detail” that professionals use.

Our courses are endorsed worldwide by the YMCA Awards which makes our diplomas an official document recognized as Education Providers.

What’s the difference between us and other providers? What do we offer?

Someone’s Level 3 course may not be as strong as someone’s Level 1? Don’t think all courses are the same?

The best way to find out about why we differ and why ‘‘we make a difference’’ is to speak to other students who have participated on other workshops and courses from different providers, quite easy to do on social media these days especially on LinkedIn & Facebook.


Quotes from students after participating:

‘‘Wow the content is brilliant not basic! Exactly what I wanted to learn’’

‘‘They TEACH you to scout & analyse, not just show you’’

‘‘The workshops are better than some courses I’ve been on”

 ”The materials are worth the participation fee alone’’

‘‘It’s worth going on especially for agents/intermediaries to make new contacts in high positions’’

‘‘They make you feel very comfortable regardless of your experience’’

‘‘At every step they made sure everyone understood what was being taught.’’

”If that’s a workshop, i can’t wait to see the courses”

‘‘It was like talking to your mates the tutors are great’’

‘‘It will transform your understanding of the game and teach you how to analyse football in ways you never considered before’’



What you will find on the IPSO workshops and courses are:

The professionalism & experience of the tutors.

The strength of the content in materials on the course and after the course.

The added bonuses of free products Jobs4football, Metrica, Noisefeed, Footballersglobal,

The aftercare and help provided after participating.

The methodology and easy descriptive learning you will receive.

The world-wide contacts you will gain and meet.

The interactions to ask questions you want to know there and then.

Students will clarify all this with the attention to detail we go into. Not only explaining scouting & analysis but the procedures you should take without cutting corners, were mistakes could be made, how to fix this and why you should do certain things to your advantage to save time and minimising mistakes that only a very experienced scout would do.




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