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Scout Aftercare Support &
Help with the IPSO Family


IPSO prides themselves on aftercare and support. After participating on our scouting courses many trained scouts think that a certificate is going to get them a job in football. It doesn’t really work like that. We at IPSO will give you the tools and skills to do the job properly and professionally with a real certificate that is endorsed by the YMCA awards worldwide, but also endorsed by the Estonian FA, India AIFF, IFBI Brussels, Slavia Prague, Malmo FF and many other clubs, associations and institutes around the world. This will help you into scouting professionally at a club. It’s then up to yourself to go out there and make it as a scout or look to progress onto the ladder of football and into the beautiful game.

We will support you in every way possible as long as you’re following the IPSO procedures to get into the game and work for a club. We have contacts around the world and our contact base continually grows week by week. We will help you in any way we can as long as it’s operable and realistic. On our courses you will be shown and told how to get into the game but the hard work starts with you. You have to build a CV and portfolio in football, this is not easy to do and takes time but we have ways and procedure that help you prepare to contact a club and get you to where you want to be.

We will also happily take any scout who’s participated on the IPSO courses to a game alongside one of our tutors at no cost depending on the geographical area of where the tutor lives and the student. So they can see how he works live. This is extra added knowledge to the student as long as realistic to do. Our phone is always open and a phone call and advice doesn’t hurt anyone we are here to help. Once you’ve joined our courses you become part of the IPSO family that we are building worldwide. We can put you onto people at the other side of the world and help in anyway possible that suits you.

Our Partners

We have Football Associations on board and the first one to do so was the Estonian FA. We are running all our IPSO products through the Estonia FA as our partnership grows stronger. Another football Federation has joined us in the AIFF India (All India Football Federation). A massive nation that is growing stronger by the year in football we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

We also have partners like the IFBI in Brussels where we deliver courses once a year alongside their students who again have contacts worldwide. Our level 1 course is part of the IFBI curriculum as part of the year long course as their students look to gain their degree at the IFBI called the International Executive Master Certificate in Football Business.

Slavia Prague the Czech Republic champions who play in the champions league on a regular basis are also partners of IPSO as we have delivered courses with them and trained their staff with our TID and Level 1 courses at their famous stadium the Sinobo Stadium.

Malmo FF the champions of Sweden are another one of our partners and we have a great relationship with them as we have trained up the scouting staff with TID & Level 1. We look to deliver more courses with them in the future.