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At IPSO we pride ourselves on aftercare and support. 

After participating on our scouting courses many trained scouts think that a certificate is going to get them a job in football.

It doesn’t really work like that. The certificates you gain will support you, to prove you have participated and passed a very detailed education programmes that are worldwide recognised and prove you have been trained to a high standard by the International Professional Scouting Organisation the world leaders in teaching scouting & analysis.

We will give you the knowledge and skills to become a football scout or analyst so you can be accurate and professionally in your work with a real certificate that is accredited by the CPD GROUP worldwide, but also supported and endorsed by the Romania FA, Estonian FA, India AIFF, UCFB based at Wembley & Etihad, Slavia Prague, Malmo FF and many other clubs, associations and institutes around the world. 

This will help you when looking into getting a job in scouting & analysis professionally at a club. 

We will then advise you on how to build your portfolio to impress any interested clubs or associations looking for scouts & analysts if any job opportunities arise we will be in touch as we are partnered up with jobs4football (a specialist site with all the latest jobs available in football). 

We have a designated page on our website with all the latest jobs updated regularly from jobs4football so you can keep an update at what is available.

We will support you in every way possible, just follow the IPSO procedures to get into the game to get you to work for a club. We have contacts around the world and our contact base continually grows week by week. We will help you in any way we can as long as it’s operable and realistic. On our courses you will be shown and told how to get into the game but the hard work starts with you. 

This is were you have to build a CV and portfolio in football, this is not easy to do and takes time but we have ways and procedure that help you prepare to contact a club and get you to where you want to be.

We will also happily take any scout who’s participated on the IPSO courses to a game alongside one of our tutors at no cost depending on the geographical area of where the tutor lives and the student. So they can see how he works live. This is extra added knowledge to the student as long as realistic to do. Our phone is always open and a phone call and advice doesn’t hurt anyone we are here to help. Once you’ve joined our courses you become part of the IPSO family that we are building worldwide. 

We can put you onto people at the other side of the world and help in anyway possible that suits you.

What you MUST NOT DO is go working for a club straight away unless they have a good understanding that your just starting off as mistakes will be made until you get a few games or a season under your belt. You could get discarded by clubs before you even start if your not careful by not preparing yourself properly. We are here to prevent that and we don’t want you to run before you can walk as some companies offer jobs straight away working for clubs which is definitely not advisable as you could fail before you start. We are a phone call or email away nothing is too much trouble to give you any advice in your journey into the world of football. 

To help in this area we have our ”Brand New” IPSO NETWORKING GROUP check it out after participating on a workshop or course.

We have even added an installment plan check below.

We also have an installment plan to make it easier for everyone. Once you’ve paid a deposit of £50 you can pay anything you like after that until the full fee for the course is paid up, the total amount must be paid before you start the course. Contact us by email at or call us on +447980114048 if you need this.

BUNDLES: Create your own bundle and gain a small discount, email or ring us and let us know what you would like to do and we will come up with a good package that suits your needs when looking to improve your education with the IPSO family.

Students from Wembley with the UCFB can call or email anytime to make sure everything is covered nothing is any trouble for the IPSO team. We are proud we make a difference with our aftercare, we treat students the way we would like to be treated and looked after, the same as if we were students!

From all corners of the world we bring the IPSO FAMILY together. Courses in Nigeria were a big hit but the friendships made were more special. If your stuck with a query and your 2,000 miles away just pick up the phone and talk after the courses are finished we are here on hand to help in every way.

Our partners the UCFB based in Manchester at the Etihad teaches all different areas within football and is a perfect place to join the IPSO FAMILY.  Partnering fantastic Universities like the UCFB is brilliant for IPSO to ensure you receive the best possible resources during and after the course.

A BRAND that is known throughout football. Quality that makes a difference.

Professional learning environments when making contacts around the world