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IPSO coming to Malta

IPSO is very pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Edu Alliance and with the Center for Sport Excellence and to deliver live in Malta!.

IPSO Back in Malta
In June 2022 we delivered our first course in Malta with over 25 participants. The course was a great success and the students have asked for more, so we are back for with a full education program aimed for this September 2022.
So from the 9th to the 18th September. We will be delivering our Level 3 & Level 4 courses with workshops in between for added education purposes in the world of Scouting & Analysis.
These Workshops & Courses are aimed for anyone in football from journalists to the avid football fan but are targeted for analysts, scouts, players, managers and most importantly COACHES!
Why coaches you may ask?
The reason being IPSO are now a world renown brand in football education and are the only football education  company with scouting and analysis products embedded into coaching qualifications in Asia as part of Pro-licence, A Licence, B Licence and C Licence coaching qualifications. This is a serious must for coaches to improve their overall thought process when looking at players to coach or analyse. Check out our testimonials from Hibernian coaches Andrei Agius (national team captain) and academy coach Aleksandar Marinkovic from the first courses delivered in Malta in June 2022. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/726903432
The plan of action is to first of all give a FREE PRESENTATION to everyone interested in the IPSO products so you can test them first before you consider joining us and enrolling for the courses & workshops in September.
Simple join us on Friday 9th of September for a 90 minutes (FREE PRESENTATION)
The presentation is all about the IPSO methodology and our products, showing you how we work and what to expect in a great 90 minutes demonstration of our workshops & courses. The venue to be announced closer to the date.
Then join us on our wonderful Level 3 Youth Scouting Course that will change your perspective of looking at young players with an attention to detail approach. Starting with 8 hours on Sunday 11th with 4 hours on Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th to finish off.
Then on Wednesday 14th Approximately 3 hours 6 pm to 9 pm
We have two CPD workshops in Workshop 1 & 2 Bias In Scouting & Evaluating Young Players & Team Shapes.
Then on Thursday 15th Approximately 3 hours 6 pm to 9 pm
We have two CPD workshops in Workshop 3 & 4 Exploring Detailed Player Analysis & Match Reporting.
Then on Friday 16th Approximately 3 hours 6 pm to 9 pm
We have two CPD workshops in Workshop 5 & 6 The Goalkeeper Analysis & The Centre-Back Analysis. 
Then on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th Level 4 in First Team Scouting
Two full days of learning how to scout at 1st Team Level. 16 hrs.
1 Workshop 25 Euro (Any)
4 Workshops 75 Euro (Any but advised to do 1-4)
6 Workshops 100 Euro
Level 3 Course 225 Euro
Level 4 Course 250 Euro
To do all 6 workshops & 2 courses should be a total of 575 Euro, if you buy all of them together its 500 Euro.
For a more full detailed description go to these links:

Please contact Martin Borg our
Malta Operations manager at
Tel: +35679304367
For more information and payment methods for participation.