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IPSO Return to Poland

IPSO returned to Poland for the first time in several years mainly due to the pandemic and other factors around football. But in our return, we came back with a ‘‘bang’’ as we looked to train 120 scouts as part of a unique program thought of and designed by KTS Weszelo football club.

What KTS are looking to do is build the biggest scouting network in Poland. It’s a unique approach as KTS have sold shares to the fans and now KTS want to give something back as they look to the fans and shareholders to be scouts. Not just basic scouts who have a little knowledge of spotting the best players playing in a game, but trained scouts at a quality level who can make a difference in the selection process for the first team that can improve KTS on the field of play and the club in general.

KTS turned to IPSO to train their scouts, and we asked why use IPSO and not any other education providers. Gregory Szenk the scout coordinator at KTS had this to say ‘‘we looked at IPSO because they were highly recommended by many contacts within the game and are one of, if not the best football education provider out there in scouting & analysis. Throughout the workshops this weekend we saw why and are very pleased with our collaboration with IPSO as the feedback from our scouts was fantastic. We are looking for a long relationship with IPSO as it’s important to keep our scouts up-to-date with the latest trends and procedures in the game.’’

The 120 students participated in IPSO’s Level 1 Foundation & Fundamentals and the Level 2 workshops 1-4 covering bias in scouting, youth scouting procedures, first team scouting & analysis and match reporting opposition analysis. A great starting point for their development as a scout is their football education in, game knowledge and football intelligence. Hopefully, this is the start for many new scouts around Poland as IPSO comes back to one of its major starting points when we started 9 years ago.

The work started on Saturday were we delivered 2 of our workshops online to 60 students who couldn’t make the live venue in Warsaw on Sunday. With the help of a translator and the workshops translated into Polish the students went home very happy with their new knowledge in the world of scouting. 

On Saturday we had the chance to see KTS in a friendly game to have a good look at the players and to assess the standard of what we are working with. We were pleasantly surprised as the team looked very good and with a bright future ahead.

On Sunday we had a great day starting at 8 am and finishing at 5 pm were we delivered the workshops again this time live to 60 students.

A great weekend had by all and now we move onto the next stage.

If anyone would like to contact us and are interested in anything similar to this please contact us at scouting@ipsofootball.com or cal WhtasApp +447980114048 and we will gladly help in anyway.