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Slovakia International Footballer on IPSO Workshops

Every now and then on the IPSO workshops or courses we do get special people popping onto our programs without us knowing to see if they can gain that little extra knowledge that might help them in their career. This was just the case when Pavol Fakas a former International Footballer for the Slovakian national team and former player in Serie A with Chievo Verona. Pavol has also played in many leagues around Europe including Slovakia, Romania, Greece and Azerbaijan.

Pavol was full of praise for the workshops and noted they were of a very high standard as he participated on our 5-8 series in player positioning. Pavol had this to say ”I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and even though I’m an experienced footballer i still picked up valuable tips and anecdotes that will stand good for me in the future. Congratulations IPSO, very valuable information and there is something in there for everyone from players learning how to improve themselves to scouts, analysts and coaches improving their observations in these roles.”

Thanks Pavol it was fantastic having you on the workshops especially with your input when we unraveled the modern centre-back.

Hope to see you in the future on more workshops or courses, thanks the IPSO team.