As we partner our first Ministry of Sport ''MALAYSIA''

IPSO have again just recently visited Southeast Asia but this time to work alongside the ”Ministry of Sport.”

Although we at IPSO are working with many top professional clubs and many Football Federations/Associations this is the first partnership with a Ministry of Sport.

Such was the impact made with the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) we were invited back to work alongside the Ministry of Sport..

We delivered a comprehensive five-day education program aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of football coaches in the country under the Ministry of Sport. The program consisted of three courses covering Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 coaching certifications, totaling an immersive 40 hours of intensive education of the highest quality.

The initiative marks a significant milestone for IPSO, the FAM and the Ministry of Sport, demonstrating their commitment to elevating the standards of coaching in Malaysia and paving the way for a brighter future in Malaysian football. The partnership sought to empower local coaches with cutting-edge scouting/analysis procedure to use in their coaching techniques, strategies, and methodologies that are aligned with international best practices.

Participants eagerly seized the opportunity to gain insights from IPSO’s expert instructors, who shared real-life experiences and case studies from their careers in football. The open exchange of ideas and knowledge not only enriched the learning experience but also encouraged a sense of solidarity among the coaches in attendance.

As the five-day education program ended, the enthusiasm among the Malaysian coaches was plain to see. Armed with new knowledge and improved scouting and analysis skills, they left eager to make a positive impact on the football landscape in Malaysia.

YUSUF IBRAHIM (Stood up Below) is the General Manager of the NFDP National Football Development Program had this to say about our visit: We invited IPSO over to Malaysia to work with the National Football Development Program (NFDP) under the supervision of Ministry of Youth and Sports together with National Sports Council due to some strong recommendations from some of our members who were fortunate enough to see them when IPSO worked alongside the Malaysia Football Association (FAM) in January 2023. IPSO didn’t disappoint and we were very impressed in the content, delivery and methodology that IPSO presented. Our coaches as well as myself took many new ideas in scouting that we had not thought of or seen before. We had a tremendous week of learning, gaining vast amounts of knowledge that will not only improve our coaches from a scouting point of view but also from a coaching point of view as there were many cross-overs that coaches could use in their coaching methods. All in all it was a very important week for us and our coaches. IPSO makes a difference and we look forward to working with them in the future. Congratulations IPSO knowledge shared of the highest level.

SHUKRI BIN HARUN (Below on the left) is the Head of Special Program Branch at the NFPD and had this to say about IPSO:

We were strongly advised to take a look at IPSO. I personally sat through the full 40 hours delivered over a week in July (only half of the education program). The realization of how strong the content was in the opening workshop on BIAS caught my immediate attention. I was transfixed on the information and areas of the game the tutor talked about that I had not thought of as deeply as they explained and it was really fascinating. I knew straight away that this was a good move for the Ministry of Sport and for the coaches in participation. We look forward to a long relationship with IPSO as we can see the benefits they bring to the table in our own education program. I had deep conversations with Colin Chambers the education director of IPSO on many different subjects on ways to improve our football over here in Malaysia. Thank you IPSO and we look forward to a long fruitful relationship.