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IPSO Scouting Workshops


We would strongly advise you look into the IPSO Pathway.

We don’t know what level of experience you have in this area, whether your a scout, analyst, experienced coach or an enthusiastic student etc but the pathway would be the best way to learn about recruitment, scouting and analysis.

We would advise the Online introduction course followed by the live workshops then onto the live courses but you can do them in any order you wish as there is no prerequisite to participate on our courses and workshops.

The workshops are designed to give you a cost effective introduction to the live courses, if you like what you see you then you know its worth investing into our courses, if you do not like what you see, you have not wasted a substantial amount of money on substandard courses that don’t hit the spot.

We are the ONLY scouting & analysis provider with an offer like this.

Here is a clear rundown

We have a variation of courses and a pathway for students to follow dependent on how experienced they are but the truth is you should look to go on all the courses, even if you are experienced, as your never to old or qualified to learn something new or up date your skills.

Here’s a run down of our PATHWAY. We have put some other products in the attachments.

All this is also on the website.

The IPSO pathway explained from workshops to courses.

The WORKSHOPS (Are a good look into the IPSO methodology and strength of the products)

The first 4 webinars 1-4 are a look into the IPSO methodology but also good for CPD we would advise you to complete the first 4 before attending the live courses so you have a clear understanding of what’s on the courses and the depth of knowledge you will learn as each is different and unique. They are at a cost effective price £20 each or four for £60 so it only costs you a small amount to test the product before you out lay out any substantial amount when looking to gain knowledge in your chosen field of interest in scouting & analysis.

The workshops from 5 on wards are more CPD work and extensions of the courses to keep you updated and up-skilled in the art of scouting and analysis.

Workshop 1 is: Investigating Bias in Scouting

We will talk and discuss the importance of not being bias when you’re scouting. It’s a very common entity that many of us do but do not realise it can actually affect us, we can be subject to being bias without knowing it. This is a very clear workshop to minimise mistakes before you actually go to scout. We then move on to small samples of Talent Identification before moving into workshop 2.

Workshop 2 is: Evaluating Young Players & Team Shapes

This explains the importance of understanding team shapes when assessing players and how to look at young players with potential. From ages of 6 to under 23 football.

Workshop 3 is: Exploring Detailed Player Analysis

This will explain what it takes to work at first team level and the difference from looking at young players to potential targets for the first team. It’s a look into the detailed analysis that is needed when scouting for the first team.

Workshop 4 is: Analysing Match Reporting

This is a great look at what is needed to produce a detailed match report. It shows the in depth analysis needed when looking to be an opposition analyst. Advanced match reporting that is delivered on our Level 2 course.

Workshop 5 is called:  The Goalkeeper Analysis

This is a look at the specialist position of a goalkeeper. We will look at young, teenagers and high level professionals from grassroots to the professional game. It’s an in depth look into what is needed in this position at different ages and development. The detailed analysis of a keeper is very complex as there is a lot more to look for in a keeper than any other position on the pitch.

Workshop 6 is called: The Centre-Back Analysis

This is a look at the modern day Centre-Back. We will look at young, teenagers and high level professionals from grassroots to the professional game. It’s an in depth look into what is needed in this position at different ages and in development. The attributes of a Centre-Back is changing as there is a lot more to look for in a Central Defender than there was before. As the game evolves so has this role! Centre-backs are asked to different things now compared to several years ago with rule changes and the speed of the game. All is revealed in this advanced analysis when looking at the modern day Centre-Back.

Workshop 7 is called: The Full-Back Analysis

We will look at in depth analysis of the full-back from different eras and ages of their career looking for various abilities and skill sets for their age and standard as they progress in their development. As the game evolves so does the role of ”The Full-Back” as we look deeper in different dimensions that separate various qualities at different levels to have a deeper understanding of the positional play and thought process. A must for serious scouts looking to improve their knowledge when looking to develop their observation of the defender.

Workshop 8 is called: The Defensive Midfielder Analysis

This is a look how the defensive midfielders role has changed and developed over the years a great in-sight into the different roles they have to play although its classed as a defensive midfielder. We look at the different skill sets needed for the roles regarding the job the manager want the player to do.


ONLINE Course (Foundations & Fundamentals in Scouting)

Our online course is the starting point to become a scout or an analyst but it’s also good for everyone to understand the foundations and protocols in talent identification, scouting & analysis. It starts showing you the basics and the understanding of scouting and the foundations at youth level. There is an interactive quiz, come computer styled in the form of a football cup competition. It’s called the IPSO cup. When at this part of the online course a series of questions and answers come up where you have to answer correctly to get through to the next round. At the same time you are being educated while you’re also having fun participating. Once you get through to the final and you hopefully win you gain your certificate and qualification for participating on the IPSO online course in scouting and you are now ready to move onto the webinar introductions before you attend our live courses.

TID Course (Scouting & Analysis of young players from 6-23’s)

Our TID course is a look into grassroots football leading into professional academies learning how to look at young players from the ages of 6 at grassroots all the way up to professional under 23 football, learning to understand the differences when looking at players from different ages and levels. You learn how to look at potential and age specific scouting which is needed when looking at young players in their early and late development stages.

Level 1 Course (Scouting & Analysis at first team Level)

The TID course leads you into the Level 1 course. This is the course that really opens your eyes as what it takes to be a professional football scout at first team level. This is a different type of scouting and a big step up. It’s great for coaches or aspiring agents as it’s been noted by the India Football Federation and Estonia FA that this course really has a big impact in the coaches thought process after participating and their coaching evolves and changes with the added knowledge of a professional scout. You learn to look at the player deeper and more tactically, you learn to write reports in a detailed professional way, you learn detailed analysis in many different ways. Deeper understanding of team shapes and important they are when assessing players.

Level 2 Course (Match Reporting) Learning to be an opposition analyst

This is where you turn from a scout into an opposition analyst. You will definitely need the TID & Level 1 courses to support your knowledge on this course. This is the most difficult but most rewarding of courses. Once you can do this job your really are a full all rounded scout that any professional football club would love in their backroom staff. This courses shows you how to make a detailed report on how to beat the opposition. From nullifying their strengths to capitalizing on their weaknesses. This is all taught on the course from leading experts in the field of opposition analysis. We will show you what to look for and how to put this together in a very intense course leading to an exam at the end when you analyse a live game to gain your qualification. This course can help at grassroots level all the way up to professional level. Once you have participated you will then have the knowledge to quickly analyse the opposition whilst in the dugout or technical area of any standard of team which will help you personally or effectively your team has more chance of winning a game due to your quick analysis of the opposition.

Performance Analysis Course foundations & fundamentals (Module 1)

Some young hungry students go straight into performance analysis without being experienced in the scouting world.

It is advised to squire all the online course, the workshops, TID, Level 1 and Level 2 before stepping into performance analysis.

Performance analysis is the next step of the pathway. In the role of a performance analysis there are many different areas you need to be trained in. This is why we have the performance analysis course as there is a vast array of skills needed to perform this job. From pre-match analysis to post match analysis, video editing, clip cutting, presentations and many more skills that are unknown behind the scenes at a professional club. Analysing match reports or player reports are other areas the performance analysis will look into as they have to become a scout & opposition analyst at the highest level.