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IPSO is a World of Football Knowledge


Shkumbin Sopjani runs a youth academy in Kosovo, it’s called the Sh F Pro Prishtina academy football. 

Shkumbin is the manager at Pro Prishtina football academy, and has been there for 2 years, where the academy currently has 28 employees to look after 547 students who follow the excellent coaching and education programs delivered within the academy. The aim of the academy is to create young and talented footballers to have a future within football but not only in Kosovo but other countries as they develop.

We found IPSO through the facebook platform and we did a compulsive research looking at many football education providers but we were convinced that IPSO is what we have been looking for for years, and I am very happy that I personally had the opportunity to study with IPSO first. I jumped onto the workshops and courses. I was then very fortunate finding a mentor like Colin Chambers who is just one of the IPSO team who not only taught us great football knowledge but took time out to make sure it was clear and understanding as English is not my first language. This is so important for everyone to know as nothing was too much trouble and occasionally explained two or three times to make sure I had understood the point or learning moment that was being explained. It was very necessary for me knowing this new knowledge, as at our academy we have many talents, this education is a help for me and the entire Pro-Prishtina academy.

IPSO has changed my thought process when assessing young players. My advice step into the IPSO world you will not be disappointed you’ll be shocked at how educational th workshops & courses are, ”Bravo” IPSO.

Shkumbin's Testimonial

I want to thank the International Professional Scouting Organization very much for the opportunity they gave me, thank you IPSO. Why am I so grateful? Because as of now I am employed as an U21 scout at Pro-Prishtina football academy and I suggest to all those who want to make a career in scouting or analysis to study with IPSO. They really are serious educators and the knowledge they share is second to none. From the first workshop to the last course it was just a world of knowledge in football that I had not seen before, shared with great delivery and precision. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’m amazed at what I’ve learn’t in a short space of time. Shkumbin Sopjani