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November 1st 2021 we were invited to the Uzbekistan Football Association to deliver our TID 6-23’s youth scouting course and our Level 1 first team scouting course. 

We were greeted by head coaches Server Djeparov and Sergy Arslanov  and the hospitality and warm welcome was greatly appreciated.

Over the week Colin Chambers the education director of IPSO delivered two courses to a select group of coaches who work within the football association. Showing the coaches the importance of scouting potential and then working in the first team environment. Colin was very pleased with the outcome and had this to say ” I loved it, it looks a great country and the people couldn’t do enough for me to make me comfortable in my new home for a week. The hunger for knowledge shone out through the coaches and they showed a great understanding in what is needed in scouting and analysis with some great questions and talking points.”

As the week progressed it became evident that they like their food, the choices and flavors were fantastic as we sampled a new culture in many ways with the food and traditions. What also became evident is the weather. It was 19 degrees for most parts of the visit but it went very cold at night going to zero degrees which is a shock when your not used to the different climate Uzbekistan offers.

All in all it was a great success as we met the First Vice President Irmatov Ravshan Sayfiddinovich and the Secretary General Maksumov Avaz Parkhatovich. They were both very excited and interested in what IPSO has to offer and were very keen to see how IPSO can help the coaches in Uzbekistan improve and move forward.

Check the video out below to sample the experiences of Uzbekistan.

Watch the presentation