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IPSO Collaborate with SCOUTUSpro

Great for our Scouts, Analysts, Coaches and Agents!

IPSO is pleased to reveal another significant collaboration with the unique SCOUTUSpro.

Introducing a ground breaking collaboration with SCOUTUSpro, an innovative platform and database designed to empower sports professionals to discover both emerging and established talent globally. Developed by a dedicated team comprising former and current athletes, coaches, agents, and executives, this collaboration heralds a new era of opportunities for our sports community.

We’re excited to introduce how SCOUTUSpro empowers scouts, analysts, coaches, and agents from around the world to unearth talent, whether developing from grassroots levels or seasoned professionals. Across a multitude of sports, athletes can create profiles and share videos, showcasing their skills in the hopes of catching the eye of a scout or agent capable of elevating their careers to new heights.

Notably, Brad Friedel, a former Premier League player with an impressive 450 appearances, serves as the Director of Soccer Operations for SCOUTUSpro. Drawing from his first-hand experience as a professional athlete, Mr Friedel understands the challenges and significance of making it at the top level, providing invaluable insights into the platform’s development.

SCOUTUSpro will also become a bonus for IPSO customers participating in our Education Program. This benefits scouts, analysts, coaches, agents, and more, granting them exclusive access to undiscovered talents.

As previously mentioned, athletes on the platform aren’t limited to just football players. Athletes from various sports are active on the platform, eager to showcase their talents to a global audience. Agents, in particular, stand to diversify their portfolios by accessing this pool of athletes from various sporting backgrounds.

IPSO is honored to partner with SCOUTUSpro, firmly believing that their platform will revolutionize the scouting, analysis and talent discovery landscape, particularly for agents seeking to unearth hidden gems worldwide.

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The ScoutUSpro team had this to say about the partnership.
We are delighted to announce the official partnership between IPSO and ScoutUs Pro. With this partnership, ScoutUs Pro has become one of the official scouting platforms of IPSO. This partnership represents an exciting new chapter in the development of football in Europe, bringing together two organizations that are committed to supporting and advancing the sport at all levels. ScoutUs Pro is a cutting-edge platform that provides advanced statistical analysis and video scouting for soccer/football players, coaches, and scouts.
As part of this partnership, students of IPSO will receive a one (1) month free subscription to ScoutUs Pro’s advanced statistical analysis and video scouting features, enabling them to better evaluate, develop and find talent across the world. This is an exciting opportunity for students and scouts alike, and ScoutUs Pro is thrilled to be working with IPSO to help promote the growth of Soccer/Football scouting throughout the world.
ScoutUs Pro is a global app and platform where athletes create free profiles entering personal information, key statistics and data, and video highlights. Scouts, managers, agents, and teams can go onto the platform and search through the sophisticated database to find the talent they are looking for. 
IPSO Football is one of the leading scouting educational institutions. IPSO’s courses are led by Colin Chambers, a very experienced Premier League and International scout. IPSO’s courses are designed by top scouts & analysts who have all over 20 years knowledge of the premier league and international football. These courses and workshops are designed to make a difference and are the most detailed in the industry.
ScoutUs Pro is thrilled to welcome IPSO as a partner and is looking forward to welcoming IPSO students to the platform.