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Fermin C. Torrejon
Student-Athlete Advisor Soccer
IMG Academy

“I’ve had the privilege of playing soccer at the college and pro levels in the US and in Peru and always had a vision of the game which I thought was good. Most recently I had some coaching experience, and I currently recruit players for the worldly renown IMG Academy. I’ve always been interested in Scouting and taking the IPSO Level 2 Scouting workshops 1-4 SERIES was much more than I expected. The workshop was an eye-opener to a whole new world of more than just Scouting, it’s a whole new level of Soccer Knowledge. It has opened up a whole new perspective of how I should watch a soccer game, and especially has taught me the basics of how I could improve my scouting and recruiting. I will definitely register for the upcoming complete Scouting course and I strongly recommend any program IPSO offers. They are top-notch professionals led by Colin, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with coaches, managers, and players of all ages around the world. 

Thanks to the IPSO team for the opportunity.”

Mike Keeney
A Pro-Licence coach
working at the IMG had this to say!

“It was fantastic to have Colin on the IMG Academy campus to present the IPSO courses to coaches and staff of the soccer program.”

“Having been on the course several years ago in Sweden, I was extremely impressed by the IPSO methods. Throughout the Covid pandemic, I was able to continue with IPSO by doing the online workshops. Now that the world has opened up, having IPSO courses in person again was brilliant.”