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Experienced Former India Player/Manager Commends IPSO

Jahar Das is a former Indian footballer and former manager of Indian football. Jahar is a very experienced coach, player and manager who has just participated on the 1-4 workshops with IPSO in conjunction with the AIFF (All India Football Federation). Mr Jahar is held in very high regard in the football world of India and had this to say about IPSO.

”I participated on the workshops 1-4 series and I must be honest and say I could not keep myself quiet without writing to you about your sincere elaboration over the 1-4 workshops. It has shown me a wide area in football that if it’s not taken care of the process of developing football in India will be a long procedure.

Not only that, on the workshops I noticed other advantages of taking part as it showed real details over tactical coaching of any academies, clubs, state or even national squads, such was the precision in details, I didn’t find anything like this in the license courses like C, B, even in A, being held under Asian Football Confederation.

Being a veteran I have seen in the sixties and seventies in the last century that scouting was based on coordination (technical abilities), speed and physique but now it has come almost  in ” Lewandowski way”  (taught on the workshops) where game knowledge plays a great role before spotting a talent irrespective of checking up 7 good qualities as explained in the delivery.

The philosophy explained that a coach follows the ball but a scout follows the player was really a matter of getting back the full value of paying for attending the workshop.

Finally, on behalf of all 51 participants of the above workshops, I offer our sincere appreciation for your making us knowledgeable enough to act as good scouts for the future.” thank you Jahar Das