IPSO were honored to have the Academy Scouting Director Trevor Singer and Scout coordinator Luca Farina as participants on our latest TID youth scouting to pro Academy 23’s course online.

It’s always a great pleasure to have experienced people participate on your courses. We at IPSO have delivered courses all over the world and due to the pandemic have not been able to go across the water to our friends in the USA for 2 years. With the time differences causing a minor problem some students have braved the early get ups to join our workshops & courses. Trevor & Luca was no different, up at the early hours to check out what IPSO has to offer. They were not disappointed and loved every minute of their IPSO experience. Trevor and Luca are no ordinary students as they coach and scout at MLS league side DC United one of the biggest teams in the USA based in Washington DC. Both came onto the IPSO Talent Identification Youth Scouting Course under no illusion and wanted to see what tips and advice IPSO could bring to the table to add to their already exclusive knowledge.

Trevor Singer – The Academy Scouting Director at DC United had this to say:

“Regardless of having several years experience as a scout this course was eye opening, informative and very helpful in my ability to evaluate players and their potential.  IPSO does a great job building your network and provides a wonderful learning platform. I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of their experience as a scout. I would even encourage coaching staffs to take this as it is vital information to have when understanding how scouts evaluate players”

Luca Farina – The Academy Scouting Coordinator DC United also added:

The IPSO team do a great job, I really enjoyed the course and took away a ton of great information and tips. What really separates the IPSO courses is the way they teach you to think like a scout when assessing players that insight is second to none and so valuable when starting to scout for the first time. I cannot recommend the IPSO courses enough; it was wonderful interactive learning experience that taught me skills that I now use in my day-to-day role scouting players for DC United’s Academy.

Great testimonials as you can see. We hope to be coming across the water very soon to the USA and especially Washington to catch up with our new friends at DC United, welcome to the IPSO family Trevor & Luca.

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