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Burnley Scouts Recommend IPSO

Premier league scouts from Burnley Football club took part on the workshops and only had great things to say. Mike Thompson a former professional footballer had this to say ”As an experienced premier league professional football scout, I recently completed the recruitment scouting workshops 1-4 of IPSO. As a person who has attended numerous courses during my career I can categorically say that the IPSO experience was second to none the content and information was brilliantly delivered by the tutor who made myself and all the other students feel relaxed and able to tap in to his unlimited knowledge and experience.” Thanks Mike and coming from someone with your background and experience it’s really appreciated. Note these are not courses but workshops! So if experienced people like Mike had that to say about the workshops imagine how strong the courses are?

Matt Atherton noted how useful the workshops are for coaches, as there are elements of good coaching points to take away mixed in with the scouting Matt said ”I’ve been scouting for around five years and from the very first workshop I learned new aspects of the game which I was missing, It was very informative and the information gained has helped me in not just scouting but match reporting and even coaching. I would highly recommend.” Again a great testimonial from real professionals in the game.

Thanks guys from the IPSO team and please check out the workshops & courses as they are regular and are always updated on the website.

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