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All levels all ages on IPSO

65 year old Henry Mooney, who has been at Everton football club for the last 12 years took part in the latest edition of the IPSO Level 1 course.

Henry who is Everton Community Engagement Officer and Chair-person of the Everton former player’s foundation had this to say about the course.

– ‘’I was looking for something to do as I’m retiring next year and thought this would be something I would like to do as scouting is a massively important part of a football club and it’s something I could do being involved in the game for the last 12 years with Everton I thought this could be useful’’ – he continued “Wow what a course, the content is great the tutors deliver excellently, it’s a wealth of knowledge being shared by the IPSO staff. It really is a good eye opener and full of great tips and experiences from the tutors that you wouldn’t normally get to meet and share their experiences. I was very impressed how the way IPSO have devised this course and made it simple for everyone to understand but still maintain a level of detail that separates it from other courses. There was a lot of young students on the course and English is there second language but they too understood everything clearly because of the delivery by IPSO. The content was great it started at A and ended at Z and nothing was left unturned. There is a lot more to it than what you realise and the information was immense and I would recommend this course to anyone. You could use the information in other sports as I’m a big basketball fan and you could use the same methods IPSO used in football into Basketball, I couldn’t recommend the course enough and I will be doing Level 2 for sure thoroughly enjoyed it and you’re never too old to learn.

Thank you IPSO’’