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If your a school, grassroots team, college, university or a professional club we have something for everyone in football education that will help young players evolve and learn quicker.

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With the International Professional Scouting Organisation we are far more than just scouting & analysis.

At IPSO we have education programs for young players from the ages of approximately 10 years up to under 23’s. When working with our partners weather it be football associations, clubs, grassroots teams, schools, colleges or universities we have something for everyone. Contact us to see how we could help your grassroots team or professional team as we have something for everyone. From presentations, seminars, workshops to courses all will help young players gain in football game knowledge and kick start their football education propelling them to a higher level when looking to improve their game. The young players gained extra game knowledge and game intelligence to help them on their way as a footballer learning the different ways scouts would look at them and understanding their positions.

With an invitation to Spain, IPSO were able to asses the players and deliver one of their educational programs to over 50 young Orlando City players with their parents in tow. All enjoyed the presentation and all were eager to learn more to help develop their game as individuals and collectively as a team. They walked away with a better understanding of themselves. Their thought process has taken on a new perspective.

When delivering courses with the Estonia Football Association we also had the opportunity to deliver our presentations to the young national players with everyone taking something away. The coaches were just as impressed as the students with the head of the national scouting department Andres Oper saying ”It was great everyone took something away from it and it made them think about their game, these workshops are vital for the young players development” Football education at the highest level for all concerned. From grassroots to the professionals, something for everyone at every level an education for all.

Fermin C. Torrejon
Student-Athlete Advisor Soccer
IMG Academy

“I’ve had the privilege of playing soccer at the college and pro levels in the US and in Peru and always had a vision of the game which I thought was good. Most recently I had some coaching experience, and I currently recruit players for the worldly renown IMG Academy. I’ve always been interested in Scouting and taking the IPSO Level 2 Scouting workshops 1-4 SERIES was much more than I expected. The workshop was an eye-opener to a whole new world of more than just Scouting, it’s a whole new level of Soccer Knowledge. It has opened up a whole new perspective of how I should watch a soccer game, and especially has taught me the basics of how I could improve my scouting and recruiting. I will definitely register for the upcoming complete Scouting course and I strongly recommend any program IPSO offers. They are top-notch professionals led by Colin, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with coaches, managers, and players of all ages around the world. 

Thanks to the IPSO team for the opportunity.”

Read more about our visit to IMG Academy :

In the early days we experimented with our workshops and seminars with young grassroots players from around the country. The response was brilliant, see yourself what the young footballers had to say about the football education IPSO gave them in their development. Seminars that make a difference and definitely made a mark on their development. We not only delivered these seminars to many grassroots teams but many professional youth teams around the world. They are for everyone at any stage of their career whether they are grassroots to the professionals, get in touch for more information.

In an exciting exchange of football talent and knowledge, 17 promising young goalkeepers from Spain recently visited England with Academia Manchester. The purpose of their visit was to enhance their technical skills in goalkeeping through a specialized training program. To ensure the best possible learning experience, Academia Manchester collaborated with IPSO, who provided expert guidance and tutoring to the aspiring goalkeepers. As a testament to their dedication and progress, all participants were awarded certificates recognizing their outstanding application and excellent standard of work.

The training program organized by Academia Manchester was specifically designed to focus on the technical aspects of goalkeeping. It aimed to equip these 17 aspiring goalkeepers from Spain with advanced techniques through a combination of theory and practical sessions. The participants received comprehensive training that addressed various scenarios they may encounter on the field.

To ensure the highest level of learning, Academia Manchester joined forces with IPSO, an internationally renowned organization specializing in professional football education. IPSO’s team of experienced tutors brought their expertise to the training program, offering guidance and experience to the goalkeepers.

Upon the completion of the training program, all 17 students were honoured with certificates for their exceptional application and excellent standard of work. These certificates serve as a testament to their hard work, dedication, and progress throughout the training program. They symbolize not only the technical advancements achieved during their time in England, but also the commitment and passion they demonstrated throughout the process.

Beyond the technical gains made on the field, the visit to England also offered the participants an invaluable opportunity for cultural exchange. Experiencing a new environment, the young goalkeepers had the chance to find a broader perspective, encouraging the development of well-rounded athletes who appreciate and embrace diversity.

There young goalkeepers were nothing short of outstanding in the way they conducted themselves and represented their country. This was shown in the brilliantly written reviews which they gracefully left for IPSO and Manchester Academia. Here are a few reviews from some of the students on the programme.

The training program with Academia Manchester and IPSO has undoubtedly provided these 17 Spanish goalkeepers with a solid foundation to pursue their footballing dreams. The technical skills, knowledge, and experiences gained during their time in England will contribute to their future development and may open doors to further opportunities in their footballing careers. The collaboration between Academia Manchester and IPSO demonstrates the importance of international cooperation in nurturing young talent and fostering excellence in the world of football.


Mateo Lambertini

My name is Mateo Lambertini one of the goalkeepers from Manchester Academia, I first would like to say thank you for the opportunity to learn from you. With the information you gave us, we will be able to go further in football. The main thing I have learned was that a scout is looking for the goalkeeper that ticks the most boxes so that the club do not need to teach a lot of aspects of the goalkeeper. Therefore, we as goalkeepers need to practice and perfect most skills, different aspects of the game, physical factors, and internal factors like mindsets, awareness and more. Once more, I would like to say thanks for everything that you gave and it will help with my progress. With these points, I will go to a higher level in football. Thank you. 

Rodrigo Alvarez

We were fortunate to have a coach visit us all while we were in England to share his expertise in goalkeeping. His one-hour talk was truly invaluable. The coach’s knowledge and passion for the subject was evident from the moment he began speaking. He provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and strategies used by goalkeepers. It was evident that he had a deep understanding of the position and shared practical tips and insights that we can apply to improve our own skills. We are incredibly grateful for his time and the valuable lessons he imparted during this workshop.

Álvaro Gómez

Thank you very much for the talk the other day, I found it very helpful for my personal development. You have taught me concepts that will help me in football and in life. During training, I have tried to put into practice everything you taught us and I have to say that I have done much better thanks to that. This year I have the opportunity and the pleasure of being able to play in the best league in Spain, the Súper Liga, where I will be playing against teams like Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid and more. I will use many of the concepts that you gave us and I am sure that it will be better for me.

Daniel Rodriguez

It has been a very entertaining experience and above all it has helped me to develop some attributes which I thought were not very important, so I am very grateful to Colin for the presentation he gave us, thank you. I also know what my skills are that I have to improve if I would like to play in English football because what Colin said are things than no other coaches have ever told me!

Thanks Colin for all your hard-work.

Daniel Rodriguez

Jorge Naturana

Hello I am Jorge Naturana, I am one of the goalkeepers who were in the seminar you gave on a goal-keeper the talk helped me a lot to know what a scout looks at in order to improve. You also showed me a lot in your good advice, some were tactical but the ones that most helped me were the mentality side this made me look to concentrate on my mental skills

My pleasure Jorge Naturana

Luis Zuniga Escobar

Thanks to the presentation of the goal-keeper scout I have learned that you not only have to be a goalkeeper that you also have to look like one and I learned what the English goal-keepers scouts pay attention to and that the best goalkeeper is the most complete.

 Thank you Luis Zuniga Escobar


 Jaime Ventura

Hi, my name is Jaime Ventura.

I think the presentation of last Wednesday 5th of July was very good to learn us which goalkeeper skills are need to become a good goalkeeper or to become a professional keeper, the skill of communication was interesting as this looks one of the most important things, also timing, technique, movement and many others. I recommend this experience to young keepers to work on as soon as possible to be a better goalkeeper. 

Thank you Jaime Ventura



Hello Colin,

Firstly I want to thank you about the speech of the other day. I really appreciate it because I have learned lots of tactical things about my position and different points of view of how to be a good keeper.

So thanks and good luck this season. Kind regards,

Thanks Iker 

Jose Torregrosa

It was a presentation in which I have learned a lot and I have realized what a scout looks for and thanks to this talk I already know what I have to improve to continue advancing in the world of football and in life. I have tried putting together what you told us what a scout looks for and thanks to that I’ve been improving.

Thanks Jose Torregrosa

Raul Sanchez Dorado

I found it very entertaining and I learned a lot, because he taught us the things that goalkeeper scouts pay attention to, I liked how he explained them to us because we understood everything and the professional scout indicated the information very well, which appeared clear and precise , I loved it.

Thanks Raul Sanchez Dorado

Oigres S_YT XD

I want to say to you thanks! Because of your class about scouting of the goalkeepers.

We learned many things like what we have to improve on to be an attractive goalkeeper for a scout. And how to analyse a goalkeeper, and because of that I want to give you many thanks.

Thanks you Oigres 


Mateo Casado Garcia

I liked it because I have been listening to things in English and I have learned to listen better, I found it an interesting and important talk to know what English football is like.

Thanks Mateo Casado Garcia