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IPSO in Education across the Globe

Here at The International Professional Scouting Organisation, we are everpresent in some of the biggest Sports Universities, Colleges, and Schools across the World. We add industry-relevant experience and knowledge to many sports-related courses not just Football as well as issue students additional CPD Certificates crucial for their development and especially important for CV’s and Resumes. Students learn important skills and techniques that can be applied across all levels of Sport. Our Workshops and Courses are specifically catered for both in-person and online delivery with a host of expert Tutors ready to guide the students through the ins and outs of Scouting and Analysis. 

Here are Our Educational Partners and their Aims

If your Organisation has similar aims and goals, Contact us today to see how IPSO Workshops and Courses to be added to your Educational Curriculum.

UCFB is focussed and dedicated to the quality delivery of undergraduate and Master’s degrees in the operational and business facets of the football and sports industries enabling students to gain additional opportunities to play significant roles in the workplace. 
This responds to the global multi-billion pound industries which require specific administrative, management and operational skills and capabilities.
The Global Institute of Sport (GIS) is the leading destination for Master’s degrees and executive education in the world’s most exciting sector.
Driving the fast-paced world of sport, GIS is powered by a global network of industry leaders and elite stadium venues.
Aspira University College is a private college educational institution, which organises and conducts professional studies of Sport Management, Computer Science – Program Engineering, International Management in Hospitality and Tourism and Hospitality and Tourism Management. Aspira conducts professional and scientific activities in accordance with the Law.

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The ultimate aim of the center for sport excellence is to develop the skills and competencies of professionals working in the sport industry to develop and sustain performance.
The center for sport excellence is an international ecosystem consisting of international and national strategic partners focused on developing talent.
The ecosystem is a creation of MB Ventures and is based on a creative and critical realist worldview.
Vincent English of Longford International College was delighted to partner with IPSO to offer high quality and practically based football scouting courses as part of our new and existing MSC Degree programmes. IPSO are renowned for their quality and down to earth practical approach, and we see this is a perfect partner for Longford College’s pracademic philosophy to education. Longford International College believes in the powerful combination of sports and education as an influence for positive change.
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To identify, prepare and sustain statecraft of national strategy and culture through continuous enhancement and development of education, research, and training.