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Twice ASIAN Player of the year Server Djeparov praises IPSO

Server Reshatovich Djeparov was an Uzbekistan International footballer with a huge total of 126 international caps and 25 goals behind him. Server now works for the Uzbekistan Football Association as the Head of Coaching Education and is the Head Coach of the Uzbekistan U-16’s. Server has twice won the Asian player of the year award in 2008 and 2011 and was at one point on the radar of Chelsea FC.

Server was on both IPSO courses which took place in Tashkent at the Uzbekistan FA headquarters on the 1st November 2021.

As a great ambassador to Uzbekistan football Server was very eager to see what IPSO had to offer and sat through both courses. After completing the courses Server had this to say ‘‘I enjoyed them very much and I was surprised with the attention to detail process IPSO teaches. I have learnt many new things and it has opened my eyes to new procedures and skills I had not seen before. The delivery by Colin was first class and the education IPSO provides is a game changer. Fantastic insights to how scouts work and analyse. Very detailed and some great antidotes I can use straight away. It’s a must for everyone and will improve not just beginners but even experienced people like myself. It was well structured, delivered and very professional. Congratulations IPSO on your courses as they do make a big difference when looking to help coaches or anyone looking to gain further knowledge in the game.’’

That’s a great testimonial from a player held in high esteem by everyone in Asia and around the world.

Thanks Server and welcome to the IPSO family.