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The Football Scouting Forum Talks To IPSO

Our education director Colin Chambers was interviewed on the podcast of The Football Scouting Forum. This is a great listen as Colin talks all about IPSO, scouting procedures, scouting programs and many other areas on the scouting & analysis side of things. Have a listen at this link m_source=w_share


If you enjoyed that then take a listen to Derek Bragg on The Scouting Forum’s first podcast as he discusses the evolution of scouting, working within football clubs and offer advice to those looking to get involved in football scouting. At this link


To listen to Lindi click the link below as she talks about not only scouting mentioning IPSO but Lindi also explains all inside information about the difficulties of scouting and being an agent/intermediary in the modern game. A great listen and beautifully put across as the professional she is.