14 Years Ago I Began My Coaching In Grassroots Football.

I’ve coached various age groups from Under 8’s to Under 18’s and even helped with my son’s Sunday League Team. I thought I had a good knowledge of the game and really enjoyed my time helping young people become better players on and off the pitch. Christmas 2021 was a day that changed my life. We bought our four boys a trial with UK Soccer Trials, a chance for them to display their talents in front of a number of Scouts including the Premier League. Unfortunately, my misconception of what Scouting was about meant that we weren’t prepared properly and none of my lads were chosen for Trials. However, I had spoken to a few of the Scouts attending and pointed out a few of the talented players I had seen and a couple of them suggested I had an eye for talent and should look at becoming a scout myself. I searched the internet, hungry for information, and came across a few Scouting workshops and courses to which I signed up and began my learning. I contacted a few local clubs and offered my services on a voluntary basis to put into practice what I thought I had learned. 

Basingstoke Town FC took me on as a Talent/Tactical Analysis scout and I was soon away watching games and enjoying the live experience. After a year I thought I was well on my way until I came across IPSO. They were offering a trial of their workshops so I thought, why not !!! 

After the first four workshops, it hit me that what I had ” Learned ” so far barely scratched the surface. The IPSO team were welcoming, engaging, fun, and absolutely jam-packed with excellent experience and knowledge. We even had specialists in their field ( Goalkeeper ) and former International players as guests sharing their knowledge and sharing their contact details for after-support. Since then I have booked onto all 12 workshops, completed Level 1, and I’m halfway through Level 3. Each day I sit and absorb the wealth of knowledge pouring from their specialist tutors and scribble away on my note pad trying not to miss a thing. My confidence with coaching has improved, my confidence in becoming a Scout is growing and I’m super excited to see where this journey will take me. The one thing I do know is that I’m now on the right road to take me on my journey to become a scout and I know with the IPSO team behind me, my destination is one step closer with each Workshop and Course. These guys truly know their stuff and you couldn’t find a better place to learn. Whether you are a Coach, Agent, Manager, Teacher, or just want to expand your football knowledge, IPSO is the place you want to head. They are the Premier League of Scouting and I’m so glad I found them. My only regret is that I wished i’d found them earlier.