I’ve tried a lot of scouting courses. My mistake was not doing IPSO courses first.

If you’re looking to learn about football scouting, either out of personal interest or to work in the industry, these courses are a must.

IPSO will transform your understanding of the game and teach you how to analyse football in ways you never considered before, and to the level used by professionals.

The IPSO team are knowledgeable, and their years of experience make them excellent teachers. They also want you to succeed. They set a high standard but help you reach that standard. You can’t help but improve.

What did I like about their courses?

First, it taught me what I wanted to learn. And not all courses do this!

The IPSO guys are great people and took me seriously from the very start, even coming from a lower tier of football.

It wasn’t about ticking boxes either. At every step they made sure everyone understood what was being taught. The best testimonial I can give is that I’ve already signed up for more courses.

The practical examples were excellent. The best way to learn is to be walked through real examples, being shown what to look for in a player, and why. Then, using what you’ve learned.

Anyone can spot the obvious things, but IPSO instructors emphasised picking out the detail.

You also receive dozens of documents after the course. Getting to see what a top-level report looks like is invaluable. They’re a fantastic resource and worth the course fee.

What was good about the instructors?

They know what they’re talking about! They draw on years of personal experience scouting players and opposition teams.

They’re also good teachers. They’ve designed the courses to make them engaging. You’re always looking forward to hearing what’s coming next. That makes it a lot of fun.

They’re also extremely personable. Meeting the tutors was like talking to old friends. They had time for everyone and included everyone in the discussion, which is tough on a zoom call with people from around the world.  

By the end of the course, I think it’s fair to say the tutor convinced everyone that with the right amount of hard work putting into practice what they’d just learned, they could get into this business.

Who should take these courses?

The courses I’ve taken so far included people with different motivations. As well as scouts they included coaches (at all levels), agents, and people wanting to break into the business. But it really suits anyone looking to learn more.  

Most importantly, I’d recommend IPSO to anyone fed up with courses that promise a lot but leave you feeling slightly cheated by the end. Courses without any worthwhile feedback, just some vague information you could find in a book.

So, if you take it seriously, even if like me you’re still in the lower levels of football, or even just trying to make a start, you’re going to be really delighted with the IPSO way of doing things. The attention to detail sets them apart.

And you get all this for what I think is a really good price. Like most people, I can’t say I’ve been a fan of lock-down, but these courses, at the reduced price, have been a silver lining.

I’d like to finish by saying thanks. Not just for the quality of the course, but for what can only be described as the personal service.

It can be a bit daunting doing courses like this, in the company of serious scouts, working in a business you’re not yet part of. And all on Zoom. But I needn’t have worried. I felt welcome from the start. And I’m a better scout because of that.

Thanks again.

Stephen Bartley
Aspiring scout & opposition analyst at Whitstable Town FC