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SISU Partnership

IPSO partner SISU Sports Management

IPSO are pleased announce a new partnership with Sisu Sports Management which formalises a friendly relationship between the companies for some time. Lindi Ngwenya, Managing Director of Sisu Sports Management has participated on many of the IPSO courses and so when thoughts turned to a collaboration it was a no brainer from IPSO’s side to align with a company like Sisu that has been involved in women’s football since 2013.


As IPSO moves into scouting of women’s football, we know that Sisu can provide the opportunities for our course attendees to gain practical experience. We have watched Sisu grow with great admiration and a collaboration would also be great for our scouts coming through as Sisu will look to use our scouts in a retained capacity knowing the quality and strength of education the scouts gain from the courses they pass through IPSO.


Colin Chambers, the education director commented, ”I think it’s great that we will have a lot of scouts moving into the women’s game as it’s progressing at a rapid pace and, we at IPSO, are addressing this requirement as the women’s game gets bigger and more professional.


I’ve known Lindi for quite some time and seen the progress that Sisu has made in the same way as Lindi has. We are confident that this growth will continue in the same way and that’s one of the main reasons we have made this collaboration. It will also help our scouts understand the different strengths and qualities needed in both women and men’s football. The real winners being the scouts as they improve their knowledge on both sides of the fence”


We are looking forward to some great times ahead for all concerned and can’t wait for the collaboration to start.