Workshop 5 ‘’Performance Analysis''


The use of technical software within the game when analysing players. 


Sunday March 7th, 19:00 English time.


About: How to use technical software like Wyscout, Prozone, InStat and Opta within the game. This is a look into how to maximise the software that every professional club or association uses behind the scenes to maximise scouting & analysis procedures. This in depth look at the use of technical software will show you the do’s and do not's regarding preparation and use of these tools.


There are many areas in performance analysis. Episode 1 is all about analysing a player statistically.


Episode 1 is looking at the ''INDIVIDUAL PLAYER'' statistically and the use of video analysis. A great insight into maximizing the tools the professionals use. Experts at the highest level of ''Performance Analysis''  will show you the ropes with best practice when using the software's of the likes of Wyscout & Instat behind the scenes as they zoom on the individual statistically looking into every attribute from a different perspective. A great insight into maximizing the tools and knowing how the professionals use them. Sharing their experiences to stop you making mistakes but also how great the benefits are when used correctly.


Presenters: Stephen Gent, Kamil Potrykus & Colin Chambers


Who are the Presenters? Delivered by Middlesbrough Head of Scouting Operations Steve Gent supported by Kamil Portykus the Head of Analysis at the Poland under 21 National Team. They will be supported by professional scout of over 20 years and the IPSO director of education Colin Chambers. This will be a great workshop as Steve & Kamil show you how to use the software tools of Wyscout, InStat, Opta or Prozone showing you how to get the best out of these tools in their everyday analysis within their club or association.


Host: Marek Radziszewski the Associate Director of Coaching at Illinois Youth Soccer Association USA.


Language: English


Duration:1-1/2 to 2 hours workshop with a Q & A session after 90 minutes.


Where: Various online Software product.


Price: £20.00 per workshop.


Certificate of completion; Sent after the workshop.

WorkShop 5 Performance Analysis


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