Workshop 4 ‘’Analysing Match Reporting''

Wednesday May 12th, 7.00pm English time.


About: We are going to analyse the match report. This is a look into the live Level 2 course. We are going to show you how it’s made, the detail that needs to go into it, the procedure and structure of a match report but most importantly how important the report is for the manager and how to beat the opposition. This detailed workshop lifts the lid on how difficult this match report is to make and the amount of knowledge and experience needed to make a high standard report.


Presenters: Marek Radziszewski & Colin Chambers (Occasionally different presenters on different workshops)


Who are the Presenters? Colin Chambers is the Education Director at IPSO. Colin has wealth of experience with over 20 years in scouting & analysis in the Premier League and at International football. Colin has travelled the world delivering seminars and courses to a worldwide audience including Football Associations like Poland, Romania, India and Estonia, also at high level professional football clubs such as Malmo FF, Slavia Prague, PFC Ludagorets and many more regular Champions League participants.


Host: Marek Radziszewski is Associate Director of Coaching at Illinois Youth Soccer Association USA.


Language: English


Duration: 1-1/2 to 2 hour’s workshop with a Q & A session after 90 minutes.


Where: Through Zoom software products.


Price: £20.00 per workshop.


Certificate of completion; Sent after the workshop.

WorkShop 4 Analysing Match Reporting


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