Talent Identification Course –  

NOVEMBER 20th (18-00 to 22-00), 21st (09-00 to 13-00) & 22nd (10-00 to 17-00)




The course is a look into young football players in their development from the ages of 6-16, it is developed by Premier League Scouts and Heads of Recruitment touching on all aspects when looking at young players in a more accurate and detailed calculation of the player.

The course will delve into key areas vitally important to football scouting at youth level. It explores sophisticated scouting strategies and procedures that even improves the standard coach after the evaluation of the young player the clearer observation. It will show you how to make justified, evidence based decisions when improving or recruiting players to your club. It will also show the most effective ways to manage a young player’s development.

This course helps coaches improve their analysis of young players with a more accurate outlook, therefore affecting their own coaching procedures when coaching the young player. By assessing quicker it improves the player quicker meeting the player’s individual needs with a more professional result. This also helps parents or agents understand the player’s needs when assessing their young player with the attention to detail that is needed.

The programme will allow you to share knowledge and experiences with other scouts and explore how world-leading clubs and academies operate.


The course is made up of three-days Friday, Saturday & Sundays (other dates can be provided please check each course individually). You will take part in a blend of learning tasks and assessments receiving on course theory, delivered by industry experts, you will also do practical group tasks with support provided by an IPSO tutor.

The course is endorsed and approval by YMCA awards  with a certificate provided worldwide. Also endorsing us are the IFBI Brussels (The International Football Institute), Polish, Indian and Estonian Football Associations and many football clubs across Europe, including Malmo, Slavia Praha, Legia Warsaw and Ludogorets who all regularly appear in the Champions League.

The course has been developed in line with the EPPP.

There are no prerequisites for this course.


After you have successfully completed this course, you will have a clear understanding of what makes an effective scout working in the professional game and how to make important decisions relating to the recruitment of players within a professional football club at grassroots and academy level.

By completing the IPSO TID course you will receive an IPSO certificate with a worldwide endorsement and qualification. It’s a great way to pursue full time employment within a professional club if you wanted. With your new found skills,talent and qualification you will be ideally placed if any opportunities arise in any professional clubs, that maybe looking to build up their scouting departments when looking for scouts.

All new customers onto the TID course will receive 4 weeks exclusive access to jobs4football and 4 week access to Noisfeed.

IPSO is proud to partner with several of the markets leading analysis platforms used by the world’s best football clubs and associations. Also for IPSO scouts (only) free use of footballersglobal

jobs4football Will give you the up to date job opportunities worldwide in football, scouting jobs and opportunities before anyone else.

NNoisefeed Will give you the up to date social media findings with footballers (worldwide) which could have a bearing on signing players.

footballersglobal.com Is a website for young players worldwide who post their videos on a special platform where you could check them out in your area. For IPSO scouts only.

For those who want to continue their learning in this field, the next step is the IPSO Level 1 in Scouting & Analysis and IPSO Level 2 in Match Reporting in Football.


This course has been specifically designed for anyone already working or aspiring beginners looking to work at the very top of the game in football scouting. The best clubs, associations, federations, and leagues in the world work with IPSO.

The IPSO Courses are attended by many full-time scouts, ex-professional footballers, performance analysts, current and aspiring coaches, agents, heads of recruitment, journalists and representative from all over the world and football clubs including; Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Leicester City FC, Everton FC, FC Bayern Munich, Slavia Praha, Legia Warsaw, and many more.


For those who want to continue their learning in this field, the next step is the IPSO Level 1. This is learning how to work as a first team scout in the environment of first team at the professional club.


If you need more information contact us for more help or support.education@ipsofootball.com

Please use this as your receipt.

Important:You will receive video links for the course were you look at the clip through a separate window then jump back to the curse under instructions from the tutor.The course is interactive and participants can ask questions at any time on the course.

Where:Through Zoom software products.

Presenter:Colin Chambers, occasionally other presenters.

Presenter: Colin Chambers is the Education Director at IPSO. Colin has wealth of experience with over 20 years in scouting & analysis in the Premier League and at international football. Colin has traveled the world delivering seminars and courses to a worldwide audience including Football Associations and high level professional football clubs such as Malmo FF & Slavia Prague.

Language: English

Duration:NOVEMBER 20th (18-00 to 22-00), 21st (09-00 to 13-00) & 22nd (10-00 to 17-00)

Price: £200  (RRP £350)

Talent Identification Course
20/22nd November ONLINE

266 $

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