CPD Workshop “Packages”

The next package deal is August 28th, 29th, 30th and 31th with the original 4 webinars of


Workshop 1 ”Investigating Bias in Scouting”


Workshop 2 ”Evaluating Young Players & Team Shapes”


Workshop 3 ”Exploring Detailed Player Analysis”


Workshop 4 ”Analysing Match Reporting”


All starting with a new time of 19-00 pm English time



About: We have evolved over this pandemic and now have numerous CPD workshops that can help in your development, the way you want it. You choose, you decide what’s best to fit your needs and join our education packages to help you improve and progress. Imagine having more tools to your already impressive array of skills.


Look deep into our new workshops and pick what suits your best needs at this moment in time. Our packages are a great option to gain more knowledge at a cheaper price. There will be various packages as our CPD workshop episodes grow, so look regularly at this window for regular updates and changes you can take advantage of. The first package is the original first 4 webinars (1-4) were you can combine them for a set price of £60 for all 4, instead of the annual £20 each totalling £80 with a great saving of £20.


The next two webinars 5 & 6 are at £20 at the moment but keep tabs on the website for updates.


Presenters: Marek Radziszewski & Colin Chambers (Occasionally different presenters on different webinars)


Who are the Presenters? Colin Chambers is the Education Director at IPSO. Colin has wealth of experience with over 20 years in scouting & analysis in the Premier League and at International football. Colin has travelled the world delivering seminars and courses to a worldwide audience including Football Associations like Poland, Romania, India and Estonia, also at high level professional football clubs such as Malmo FF, Slavia Prague, PFC Ludagorets and many more regular Champions League participants.


Host: Marek Radziszewski is Associate Director of Coaching at Illinois Youth Soccer Association USA.


Language: English


Duration: 1-1/2 to 2 hour’s webinar with a Q & A session after 90 minutes.


Where: Go to webinar.


Price: £20.00 per workshop. In a package £15 per workshop. 4 workshops for £60


Certificate of completion; Sent after the webinar.

CPD WorkShop Packages


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