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President of ZNK Hajduk Split Women’s Teams Talks IPSO

Matea Beslic is the President of the women’s teams at ZNK Hajduk Split and was a guest on the course to see if it was suitable for the staff & players of her football club.

Matea was not disappointed and had this to say about the course.’’ I attended the Level 3 – Youth Scouting Course and I loved it! I have learned so much and the way I’m watching players has changed completely. As the president of a football club, I can say with certainty that this is an excellent course for both beginners and professionals because everyone can learn something. There was a lot of tricks and tips, video analysis, watching a live game and doing a player report. I like the way everything was presented and explained. We hope in the future we can collaborate and do more activities with IPSO as it’s a great education package that they have put together and we aim to make good use of it. I sat down with Colin the education director of IPSO and he talked me through the pathway and the extra products that could be very useful in many areas, we look forward to a bright future together. ’’

A very nice testimonial and great words by Matea her professionalism shone through on the day and we can see why at such a young age Matea is in such a highly respected position, well done and keep up the good work.