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Premier League Manager/Coach/Scout Terry Burton Talks IPSO

Former Professional Manager, Coach and Technical Director, Terry Burton, who has worked at Arsenal, WBA, Southampton, Wimbledon and many more clubs in various roles was the latest guest to pop on the IPSO Workshops & Courses. Terry is very knowledgeable professional with over 30 years experience in the game and has recently worked for the England national team as a scout over the last few years and had this to say about our Workshop Series.

“I have always had a passion and curiosity for scouting and as part of my research into what types of information that was out there to help scouts to either start learning about or continue with their development in scouting and recruitment that I first came across IPSO. I decided to take the level one intro to scouting course online and was really impressed with the content and information that was given.

I have since then been fortunate enough to be involved on some workshops conducted by IPSO and continued to be amazed at the quality of the presentations which are delivered with great enthusiasm and knowledge of the way scouts work with many practical examples of real life scouting.

I really recommend that scouts of all levels continue with their personal development and take the courses that are on offer with IPSO.”

Thanks Terry, it’s great when top professionals recommend our products and this only goes to prove we are the front runners when it comes to football education.