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Polish FA Annual Meeting 5 IPSO Scouts Participate In London

IPSO have many scouts around the world but on this occasion it was all about the ones who made it all the way up the ladder and are now working for the Polish FA. Four IPSO scouts attended the meeting and all have participated on the IPSO courses. Such is the standard of the courses and students within our network it’s no surprise IPSO have a strong representation within the Polish FA.

On this meeting their was five former students our very own tutor Steve Martin (Burnley FC), then Lukasz Szanfranski, (Burnley FC), Jacek Jarosz (Sheffield Utd FC) & Karol Lisek. Not forgetting Przemek Soczynski the UK Polish FA scout coordinator who’s in charge of all the Polish scouts in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

IPSO are proud of our members flying the flag for The International Professional Scouting Organisation showing once again how far you can go with the correct training and dedication.

Our scouts met all the famous Polish coaches and heads of scouting at the meeting and here we have Steve Martin sharing a moment with the national manager Paulo Sousa who is famous for playing for such teams as Portugal, Juventus, Inter Milan, Benfica & Borrussia Dortmund.

Well done guys and keep up the good work!

This just shows were you can get to in football and the strong connections between IPSO & the Polish FA.