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IPSO Fully Online

We have gone ”Totally Online” with all our products. Due to the pandemic not slowing down we have trialed and tested our courses online and are ready to produce the IPSO ONLINE VERSION of all our courses.

After great research and inundated with requests for our courses to be delivered online we final made it happen. We all know nothing is better than a live classroom course and everyone knows the IPSO courses are a very special experience and are noted as the best in the world when it comes down to content and delivery in the world of scouting & analysis. But after working out and tweaking the courses to fit we can now do this with the same quality expected on IPSO courses. We have even changed the days around to be more flexible for students so they don’t miss any games on Saturday afternoons.

The new courses will all be run the same way, but starting on Friday night at 18-00 pm English time going up to 22-00 4 hours with brakes between. Saturday we would start at 09-00 to 13-00 another 4 hours day 1 done and you can go and watch a game. The following day would be Sunday starting at 10-00 am to 17-00 pm day 2 done and course complete. Their are exams on the courses but they differ from course to course. With great thought and commitment we have tweaked the courses as to not lose the special interactivity from our expert tutors who are specialists in recruitment. No one delivers course the way IPSO tutors do with their underlining passion and expertise.

The content is the same and the networking works brilliantly as we are only allowing 20 people maximum on each course to keep the interactions between the students at a high level. The price as been reduced dramatically to keep our customers happy with the latest online pricing. You can now spread the cost through installments and book your place onto the ONLINE COURSES.Find out more here You don’t get an IPSO certificate you earn it. More info on each course on the website.