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IPSO & Zagłębie Lubin SA form Partnership

With the success of the recent courses and presentations by IPSO at Zagłębieit is with great pleasure to announce a partnership has been struck between Zagłębie Lubin & IPSO (The International Professional Scouting Organisation).

Here chairman of Zagłębie Artur Jankowski meets education director of IPSO Colin Chambers.

After deep discussions between both parties it comes as great news, that IPSO will be delivering their Level 2 course in December at Zagłębie Stadium.

The course will be a 2 day event Friday 11th and Saturday 12th with the added addition of the live derby game between Zagłębie v Slask. This will be a great weekend of education and activities with a classic match to top it off.

Zagłębie are looking into building a special scouting department and are looking to recruit, as well as train their backroom staff to be knowledgeable at the highest standard of scouting and analysis.

”This is a great move by Zagłębie as they look to be at the forefront of scouting in Poland” said IPSO director of education Colin Chambers. ”We are here to help them organise and implement a scouting structure that will rival premier league teams never mind Polish teams. This will change things at Zagłębie as the game evolves so does scouting. It’s not only about statistics, its not only about coaches or managers opinions, it’s about professionally assessing players and not missing attributes or traits in players that make a difference as you look to improve but doing it by minimizing mistakes when analysing. With our input and guidance we can train Zagłębie staff to be on top of the game and give them an edge against other teams when scouting for players ”

Marek Wachnik director of public relations had this to say.” For Us as a Club, it is not only a valuable experience, but also building relationships for the future. Cooperation with IPSO will allow us not only to raise the qualifications of our employees, but also to build the Zagłębie Lubin brand in Europe. The number of IPSO training events or courses gives us new opportunities, such as opening up to new scouting aspects, but also allows us to prove ourselves as an organizer – which is also an excellent opportunity to expand the network of contacts.We hope that cooperation with IPSO will allow us to organize further training in Lubin, but also open up opportunities for us to gain valuable experience with other teams with which IPSO is associated. ”

Kuba Chodorowski added ” The partnership with IPSO gives us new opportunities for further development of the club. Well-trained and organized people are the basis of scouting. We want to give our employees as many opportunities as possible to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. We are also open to acquiring new associates and expanding the scouting network. Cooperation with organizations such as IPSO allows for the mutual exchange of experiences and the development of more effective structures both at the youth scouting level as well as the senior scouting for the first team.’

As Zagłębie march on so do we, here’s to a bright future ahead.