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IPSO Train Romanian International Youth Coaches

The Football House at the Romanian Football federation hosted a training course for the FRF zone referrals and the selectors from the Romanian Junior National teams during the period of January 27-30 2020.

The purpose of this seminar was to train FRF representatives to streamline the Scouting process in which they are involved.

The presentations were delivered by Colin Chambers, one of the directors of the International Professional Scouting Organisation, who came to Romania at the invitation of the Operational Manager of the Romanian Național Teams, Vlad Munteanu.

The opening of the courses was also attended by the Technical Director of the FRF, Mihai Stoichiță, who stressed in his speech the importance of the youth scouting process and said  “It is the first time that the Romanian Football Federation have organised such a course, which will help us find answers in our work. I am glad we will receive this information, and FRF wants to be always close to its collaborators, giving them the chance to improve at the highest level. ”

Among the guests on the first day of the courses was select representatives Mirel Rădoi the manager of the senior international side, Ion Geolgău the manager of the FRF scouting department, Lucian Sănmărtean, sports manager of the junior teams, and Dumitru Dumitriu, member of the FRF Technical Commission.

At the end of the courses organised at the FRF headquarters, all those who attended received diplomas of graduation from the lecturer and director of IPSO Colin Chambers. He said: “In this area, the small details make a difference. The main purpose of a scout should not be to find as many players as possible, but to find the highest quality of players. This is the mission of a junior scout, remember that when you propose a player your reputation is at stake! ”.

“It is the first time that such an event is organised at FRF. We received positive feedback from all participants, everyone was delighted by this experience. We hope that in the future we will organise such courses for the best development in this field for all FRF coaches.” said the manager of the FRF scouting department, Ion Geolgău.