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IPSO Proudly Announces Uzbekistan FA Partnership

The International Professional Scouting Organisation are proud to announce our new partnership with the Uzbekistan Football Association. On November 1st, 2021, Educational Director Colin Chambers was invited by the Uzbekistan FA to deliver IPSO’s Talent Identification Under 23’s Youth Scouting and Level 1 First Team Scouting Courses in the FA Headquarters in the capital of Tashkent.

Uzbekistan is a well-regarded footballing nation within the distinguished Asian Football Confederation and a long-established member of FIFA. The Uzbekistan Football Federation have won many awards during their history mainly The FIFA and AFC Fair Play awards. Under this new partnership with IPSO, one can only hope for the UFA to progress and continue to improve in the years to come.


The week was a resounding success with the fantastic group of FA Coaches. Also appearing at the event was First Vice President Irmatov Ravshan Sayfiddinovich and Secretary-General Maksumov Avaz Parkhatovich. They were both very excited and interested in what IPSO has to offer and were very keen to see how IPSO can help the coaches in Uzbekistan improve and move forward. This has now been solidified by announcing the official partnership between both organisations. This presents a new opportunity for football professionals within Uzbekistan to reach a new level of understanding and development of the game with IPSO. The Uzbekistan students will have access to the thousands of other Scouts and Analysts around the world within the IPSO Network and organisations such as the AIFF, FRF and more.

With the Uzbekistan FA, IPSO will offer a wide range of professional education workshops and courses for the current and future Scouts, Coaches, Analysts and more throughout the Uzbekistan football structure. This ensures that Uzbekistan and all the students will be part of a global standard of accredited professionals under the umbrella of the Uzbekistan FA supported by the International Professional Scouting Organisation which can be crucial to further the development of football.


Educating current or future football professionals with the workshops and courses that Uzbekistan FA/IPSO are offering FA is futureproofing the growth of a football nation. Showing the importance of scouting procedures when working at grassroots to the professional game at the first-team level. They will gain technical tips and industry knowledge that will help improve the footballing infrastructure within the country. 

Colin was very pleased with the outcome and had this to say ”I loved it, it looks to be a great country, and the people couldn’t do enough for me to make me comfortable in my new home for a week. We were greeted by head coaches Server Djeparov and Sergey Arslanov and the hospitality and warm welcome was greatly appreciated’’.

Colin Chambers
IPSO Educational Director

The desire and commitment to furthering the professional development of the Coaches were extremely impressive and admirable. The hunger for knowledge shone out through the coaches and they showed a great understanding of what is needed in scouting and analysis with some great questions and talking points.

Head Coach, Sergey Arslanov was extremely impressed with the shear strength and depth of both the IPSO courses delivered. Commenting on his experience he said, ‘’The live experience in a classroom is very special, the combination of the charisma of the tutors blended with the expert inside knowledge around Scouting and Analysis was mesmerising. Ensures the IPSO courses are truly in a league of their own in understanding and content’’. We hope for a long-lasting future alongside IPSO. 

‘‘I enjoyed them very much and I was surprised with the attention to detail process IPSO teaches. I have learnt many new things and it has opened my eyes to new procedures and skills I had not seen before. The delivery by Colin was first class and the education IPSO provides is a game-changer. Fantastic insights into how scouts work and analyse. Very detailed and some great antidotes I can use straight away. It’s a must for everyone and will improve not just beginners but even experienced people like myself. It was well structured, delivered and very professional. Congratulations IPSO on your courses as they do make a big difference when looking to help coaches or anyone looking to gain further knowledge in the game.’’
Server Djeparov
UFA Head of Education

IPSO in collaboration with Uzbekistan, IPSO is flying out again in April to teach more Courses to the federation and their coaches. This is another great partnership where IPSO will join forces with the UFA to deliver our worldwide scouting & analysis workshops/courses under the umbrella of the UFA. This is very exciting as we look forward to helping mould and build an education platform with the UFA as we look to help all sectors of football education move forward in this wonderful country.