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IPSO deliver to SK Slavia Praha Scouting Department

Our 1st course in the Czech Republic has finally been delivered. All thanks to Petr Hurych their chief scout. Petr attended IPSO’s last course in Hungary at Mol Vidi FC and was so impressed he invited us to run a course at the fantastic Sinobo Stadium to see if the IPSO methodology and training could help his scouting department.

It was a great success and Petr was very happy with the outcome and what his staff took away from the course. Petr had this to say ‘‘I know how good the course was as I took a lot away from the course in Hungary knowing it would help my team and hopefully improve their work procedure and thought process when scouting and I’m sure the guys have took a lot away from this course our sports manager Jiri Bilek was very impressed as was our academy director Jiri Plisek as they both attended the course. It was a pleasure to have IPSO here, not only helping our club with new ideas and methods but helping Czech Republic football in general’’ 20 people attended the course not only the staff of Slavia but young football enthusiasts looking to learn more in football and try and get in the game in some capacity it was great to see the young guys mixing with our staff who shared some of their experiences.’’

Also on the course we had journalists, analysts, coaches and scouts all looking to gain something from IPSO’s education and techniques to gain a higher education in football.

The course was delivered by Colin Chambers the lead lecturer of IPSO and he had this to say. ‘‘I’m really pleased as the course went perfect and a lot of that was to do with the way Slavia looked after us in their hospitality and friendliness in organisation of the course, with a fantastic room, great food, excellent seats for the game and to top it off a tour of the stadium which really did make a lot of the guys day including me! When you have great hospitality, a great venue and a tour of the stadium, how can you fail not to have a great weekend? It showed how well the students got on with each other as 12 of us went out for a meal after the game to carry on socializing and networking which is a big part of the course. This really was one of our best courses when we take into account everything we did and the quality that was on offer’’ said Colin

We are looking to do courses and workshops in the future in Czech Republic and hopefully with Slavia leading the way. We have other courses lined up as in July we have the CEE cup where IPSO will be present delivering another course in between the tournament.

We just agreed with Slavia to bring our Talent ID course to the country and will look to be doing this in September. Watch this space and keep an eye on the list of course on the main page of the website.