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IPSO Announce Partnership with AI Abacus.

The International Professional Scouting Organisation proudly announces our new partnership with AI Abacus.

AI Abacus is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence tool put together by a team of experts from across the sports industry, including specialists in artificial intelligence, renowned pioneers in sports performance analysis and innovative business leaders

What IPSO Students will gain

Four weeks of free access to their highly intuitive analytics portal offers direct access to a range of unique, intelligence-driven insights and interactive features, predicting a player’s performance, value and suitability based on how they fit a team’s playing style and their chemistry with other players. As well as an additional 20% off the Standard Product after the free trial ends.
Using the latest artificial intelligence techniques, Ai Abacus aims to address two common challenges faced by football clubs and player agents:

• Identifying players who will fit the playing style and dynamics of a team.

• Achieving commercial success via effective and profitable player trading.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to practice with software that they could be using within football clubs prior to their position there.

How AI Abacus can help

Identify players that will integrate quickly and perform on the pitch by predicting their playing style suitability and chemistry with other players.

Recruit players with the potential to improve their performance and resale value by playing in a team that suits their style and characteristics.

Inform recruitment and player development decisions with predictive indicators of performance, value, and suitability.

Quickly filter out players who are unlikely to be a good fit for the team, focusing on those with a high probability of success.

Learn exclusively how to master the software that will be implemented in your workspace today with IPSO and AI Abacus to ensure you always have the upper hand. Learn more about AI Abacus by following the link to their official website below.