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Online Talent Identification & Scouting Course

What's the course about

This course is designed to be played like a quiz come computer game effect which is fun and an easy learning process for everyone and anyone.

You will be challenged, you will be tested, but most importantly you will be shown how a scout works, learning the procedures a scout would use at the beginning when looking at young players.

This course is excellent for young players, analysts, coaches, football enthusiasts or people wanting to look, or indulge in the world of scouting. It’s aimed at anyone form a beginner, a student, a parent or a qualified coach. It is for anyone wanting to find out the fundamentals of scouting.

This is no ordinary course that only tells you the protocols at an expensive cost like other online scouting courses, it actually teaches you to scout, giving you the fundamentals of scouting that may lead you into a new career or hobby. At IPSO we are known for our “Attention to Detail’’ approach. In this course you will be tested as we challenge you in the interactive activities as you try to win through to the final of the IPSO cup. This is an easy to use ''computer game styled'' course for your enjoyment but with the added bonus of education and a certificate at the end to show you know the foundations of football scouting.

This Talent Identification in Football Scouting Course was designed by Elite Premier League Football Scouts who have actually scouted at grassroots, academy and youth level for many years combining a world of knowledge to give you a head start in your journey into scouting, covering all aspects of talent identification.

This course will not just talk about the basic protocols that many other online talent identification courses do, it will actual Show You How to Scout with early indicators that a professional football scout would use with the ‘‘Attention to Detail’’ process that IPSO scouts use worldwide, delving deeper into what a professional scout would do at the early stages of scouting young players.

There are many engaging activities within this course which will prepare you well. You will gain a great understanding and platform to advance your knowledge and thought process that is needed to operate as a football player, scout, analyst or coach.

The course has been developed in line with the EPPP and is a great stepping stone for a career in football in many capacities.


Modules include

  • Introducing Talent Identification
  • What is a scout
  • Why are they needed
  • Investigating the characteristics of a good scout
  • Scouting development pathway
  • Different types of scouts
  • Recognising good ethics & values in scouting
  • Understanding the EPP
  • What details make a difference in the selection process
  • Identifying potential and the process of assessment
  • Understanding Talent Identification & Scouting
  • Relative Age Effect​
  • Technical, Psychological, Physical and Sociological Predictors



The IPSO Introduction into Football Scouting DO NOT provide the necessary skills needed to operate as a full-time scout. Please see the 2-day practical TID Course to further your knowledge of Talent Identification in Football and to ultimately operate as a Football Scout worldwide.

The IPSO Introduction into Football Scouting course is based 100% online. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive your assigned username and password. Please check your spam/junk folder, emails can often get found in this area. We advise for best effects that you take the course on a PC or Mac with the latest version of Google Chrome installed for optimal speed and ease of use.


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