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Focus Partnership

IPSO Partner Director Educational Course

IPSO has partnered up with Focus a football education provider like ourselves who has looked to make next-level knowledge available by some of the brightest minds in sports but making it accessible to everyone. IPSO education director Colin Chambers had this to say about the collaboration ” We’ve partnered up with FOCUS for a number of reasons.


1 They are specialists like ourselves specializing in a different area to what we teach, as they are specializing in training sports directors.

2 They are doing at a doable price which is what we value as most other companies training sports directors charge an unrealistic amount of money that stops students progressing in their careers.


 Everyone should be able to access education at every level Focus are providing this. We at IPSO have not designed a course in this area as we are not specialists in this field all though we have many products that will help in their development as a sporting director. The collaboration was a no brainier as Focus are making it affordable for everyone just like us with our workshops & courses. Affordable football knowledge for everyone.”

Ahmet Hizal the managing director of Focus Sports Education had this to say ”IPSO is the world leading organization in educating students of the beautiful game of football, at any level working with an attention to detail approach that attracted us to want to partner with them. Our ‘Sporting Directors Course Level 1’ content is now endorsed by IPSO and allows us to deliver a high-impact learning environment within our course. We believe that ‘Sporting Directors Course Level 1’ will be instrumental for IPSO members to get their first step into the management side of the game and will help them gain new visualization and knowledge that will move them forward in their careers.