We are going to deliver our first course at PANACHAIKI FC one of the oldest clubs in Greece.

The venue is at their famous Kostas Davourlis Stadium in PATRAS.

This is the first LIVE IN CLASS course EVER to be delivered in GREECE. 

It will be delivered in English & Greek as there will be a translator there to translate everything.

It is set at a price of (£300) roughly €350 as a starting price and will be moved up to €395 in the future so its advisable to participate on this course while it is discounted as the first course.

You will get 2 days of top knowledge of how to look at young players with age specific scouting procedures and 100’s of tips throughout the course on how to look at young players when looking to improve them or bring them directly into a club.

This is THE BEST scouting & ANALYSIS course out there!

You will get coffee/tea/drinks snacks throughout the two days included in the price as well as lunch provided. You will gain a worldwide certification on completion of the course endorsed by the YMCA awards education providers. The course will be delivered by a Premier League scout with vast amounts of experience.

You will get books and materials within the course and we will have a networking night on Saturday night (this is not compulsory and you do not have to attend) were the students and the tutors go out for a meal and drinks to socialize & network expanding your contacts (the food and drinks are not included in the price on the networking night.

The course itself is a look into young football players in their development from the ages of 6 at grassroots level to pro-academies all the way up to under 23 football. It is developed by Premier League Scouts and Heads of Recruitment touching on all aspects when looking at young players in a more accurate and detailed calculation of the player.

The course will delve into key areas vitally important to football scouting & analysis at youth level. It explores sophisticated scouting strategies and procedures that will improve any coach, scout, analyst, manager, technical director and is a massive help for football agents after their evaluation of the young player.

From a coaches point of view they will gain clearer observation skills to help their players and their own progress in their development. It shows you how to make justified, evidence based decisions when improving or recruiting players to your club. It will also show the most effective ways to manage any young player’s development.

This course helps students especially coaches improve their analysis of young players with a more accurate outlook, therefore affecting their own coaching procedures when coaching any young players. By assessing quicker, it improves the player quicker meeting the player’s individual needs with a more professional result. 

This also helps parents or agents understand the player’s needs when assessing their young player with the attention to detail process that is needed. The program will allow you to share knowledge and experiences with other scouts and explore how world-leading clubs and academies operate.

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