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Estonia Football Association Partner IPSO

Janno Kivisild the director of football at the Estonia FA shakes on a new partnership with IPSO director Kamil Potrykus. ”We are extremely pleased to partner our first football association” said Mr Potrykus. He added ”we have worked very hard over the years to develop our products to suit the needs of associations and governing bodies. We are now being noted for the quality of our courses”.

Mr Kivisild an experienced footballer at international level and coach educator had this to say on why the Estonia FA partnered up with IPSO.

“Estonian Football Association is very grateful to have the opportunity to start collaborating with IPSO in order to take the Estonian football to the next level. Our football culture is still young and developing and that is the reason the collaboration is the most valuable for us, it gives our coaches scouting knowhow and ability to see the players from a different angle. So far, scouting has been the area where we lack knowledge and experience and thanks to IPSO we can improve our standards and quality. The knowledge that IPSO provides for the participants during the courses is also very useful to football coaches. Not only did they receive knowledge about scouting, but also certain aspects in coaching. Those courses are really informative and practical and it gives them many new ideas and knowledge how to evaluate individual players. Now the first steps of improving our football has been made together with great people in IPSO and I hope our collaboration will be long and fruitful.“