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IPSO Build Relationship with Rowdies

IPSO have broken into the USA and have now established a working relationship with one of the oldest and probably the most iconic club in America. IPSO will be working alongside the Rowdies and with it we will be looking to train staff, coaches, analysts, players and even the most fanatical fans in future programs as we deliver our education program that is endorsed worldwide by football associations and top clubs around the world.

Here Colin Chambers the education director of IPSO shakes hands with Samantha Ishee manager of youth development at the Rowdies. After a tour of the stadium Colin said ‘’Wow what a great venue as I know a lot about the Rowdies, it was great to walk across the pitch and learn more about the club where the famous Rodney Marsh and other iconic players from the UK played when I was young. I loved every minute of the tour around the stadium. I couldn’t think of a better club to start our education programme in the USA’’ Samantha was equally excited at the collaboration and had this to say. “We are excited to see how the IPSO education platform can help evaluate what we are trying to accomplish on and off the pitch.’’ Here’s to a great future working alongside each other and bringing extra football education that can help everyone concerned at the Rowdies.