28th & 29th MAY 






There are no prerequisite for this course

This is the first LIVE IN CLASS scouting course EVER to be delivered in SERBIA. 

It will be delivered in English & Serbian with the aid of a translator. 

It is set at a price of (€200 APPROX £170) as a starting price and will be moved back up to €250 in the future so its advisable to participate on this course while it is discounted as it’s the first course. After participation you will receive a worldwide qualification endorsed by the YMCA please check here: https://ipsofootball.com/ymca-certification/ 

You will get 2 days of the highest quality of knowledge of how to look at young players with age specific scouting procedures and 100’s of other tips throughout the course when looking at young players to get into your club or when looking to improve them from a coaching view or that of a mentor (agent) or parent. 

This is THE BEST scouting & analysis course out there!

The course itself is a look into young football players in their development from grassroots level to pro-academies all the way up to under 23’s football. It is developed by Premier League Scouts and Heads of Recruitment touching on all aspects when looking at young players in a more accurate and detailed calculation of the player.

The course will delve into key areas vitally important to football scouting & analysis at youth level. It explores sophisticated scouting strategies and procedures that will improve any coach, scout, analyst, manager or technical director and is a massive advantage for football agents in their evaluation of young players.

From a coaches point of view they will gain clearer observation skills to help their players and their own progress in their development. We will show you how to make justified, evidence based decisions when improving or recruiting players to your club or organisation. It will also show the most effective ways to manage any young player’s development.

This course helps students especially coaches improve their analysis of young players with a more accurate outlook, therefore affecting their own coaching procedures when coaching any young players. By assessing quicker, it improves the player quicker meeting the player’s individual needs with a more professional calculated result. 

This also helps parents or agents understand the player’s needs when assessing their young player with the attention to detail process that is needed. The program will allow you to share knowledge and experiences with other scouts and explore how world-leading clubs and academies operate. Another important factor is the contacts you will gain on the course at you meet new contacts from around the world.




If you’d like to join the workshops we will start on Friday 27th at the college were we will deliver our 1-4 series Level 2 workshops. They are four workshops of 90 minutes each were we will cover. 

You pay on the day 38 Euro please contact: Milica.surbatovic@vss.edu.rs Tel: +381117550162 and Milica will explain where to meet and we start at 9 am in the morning.

1…Bias in Scouting

2…Introduction to Talent Identification

3…First Team Scouting

4…Match Reporting.

That will take approximately 6 hours in general with CPD certificates of participation gained for each workshop for CPD purposes. The normal price of these workshops is usually 70 Euro but on this occasion only it will be 38 Euro for all 4 workshops (The normal price will be 70 Euro in the future).

These workshops are being delivered at a cheap price to show you the material and methodology of IPSO.

If you like what you see you can book on the Level 3 the next day full of confidence you will learn a great amount of knowledge in scouting & analysis. If not there is no need to proceed to Level 3 and you haven’t wasted your money on courses that do’t hit the spot.

You can check the 1-4 series with more detail at this link: https://ipsofootball.com/course/cpd-package-1-4/

THE COURSE OR THE EXTRA DAY CONTACTMilica.surbatovic@vss.edu.rs Tel: +381117550162 

YOU CAN ALSO CONTACT:  Srdjan Savic Email: savicscouting@gmail.com Tel: +381600426192



The Host On The Day: We will be assisted by the staff of the college.    

Language: In English & Serbian as there will be a translator there to translate everything.      

Duration: Approximately 16 hours in total over 2 days. (8 each day)

Start Saturday: 09-00 to 12-30 then lunch start again 13-00-finish at 16-30

Start Sunday: 09-00 to 12-30 then lunch start again 13-00-finish at 16-30

Where: At the College of Sport & Health in Belgrade, Serbia.

Price: £170 or (€200) this is a discounted price and will be higher in the future.

Certificate of completion: Yes by the YMCA awards and IPSO. A worldwide qualification.



What To Expect When Participating On The Course Over The Weekend: 

Over the two-days you will be taught the role of youth academy scout/analyst, reflecting on your current working practices fully supported by the IPSO tutors. There is an exam at the end of this course. With IPSO we don’t give away our certificates you have to earn them. 

After the course you must answer 15 questions on what we have discussed and learnt within the course. To gain your qualification, proving you have taken on board the procedures and skills as a professional academy scout. There is room for error but it is minimal as you will be well trained during and after this course as the aftercare is second to none. You are expected to pass if you have taken on board all the details that make a difference.

You will get feedback if you fail and you get to take it again as many times as possible for free until you pass and get the answers that is acceptable to the IPSO standard qualification.



You will get extra bonuses from IPSO like no other course provider.

ADDED BONUSES: This will be a packed weekend were you receive approximately 16 hours of top education in the football world with FREE drinks, snacks and lunch provided on both days, FREE materials in books, pens folders.

You will also receive a FREE data-base of materials in templates on players, templates on teams and many more great examples to help you in reporting and building football material for your development, In the middle of the course we have a networking event at night to socialize and make new contacts. You will also gain FREE access to more bonuses with our partners: jobs4football….Iterpro….footballersglobal.com….Metrica Sports…. InStat More detailed info about these products further down the page. With special discounts on their products ONLY IPSO students gain this.

In the evening we will meet to network and sample the local bars and restaurants of Belgrade in the city center (this is not compulsory but advisable) for more networking and relaxation as we socialize and get to know each other over a beer or coffee as we sample the night life of Belgrade as we network. A lot more personal and this is a very enjoyable part of the course while we chat and discuss the game, exchange funny football stories and network. This is after the game and is not part of the course package, just an added extension to make new contacts as making contacts around the world is a large part of scouting.


There are a lot of bonuses when participating on these workshops or courses:

1…You will gain new knowledge on all 4 workshops. (Delivered by expert professionals)

2…You will make new contacts from around the world. (Students say its worth it just for the great contacts)

3…You will gain membership to our networking group. (A great way to keep in touch)

4…You will gain 5 free accesses to our partners discounts below. (No other provides this)

InStat Is a global sports performance analysis company and Is the world leader in statistics and data driven procedures. You will receive a 1 month free trial and usage of their products. A great tool for you to have the knowledge of how to use these software’s in the professional game when your looking to move into scouting & analysis.

jobs4football: Will give you 1 months free trial in the up to date job opportunities worldwide in football, scouting and analysis jobs or opportunities before anyone else.

Iterpro: The most powerful team management platform in the industry. Giving ALL our students a 45 day free trial. If you end up working for a club you may well use a system like this so its great to have it free for 45 days to get used to it etc.

footballersglobal.com: Is a website for young players worldwide who post their videos on a special platform where you could check them out in your area. For IPSO scouts only.

Metrica Sports: You are now entitled to an exclusive trial of Metrica Sports PLAY software. You will have access to all the features and visuals the software offers, 50 minutes available of automated tracking and an extension for a month of the trial 


The course is endorsed and approved worldwide by the YMCA awards. Romania Football Association, The Uzbekistan FA, Estonia FA, The India FA (AIFF,) along with many football clubs across Europe including Malmo FF, Slavia Praha, Legia Warsaw and Ludogorets who all regularly appear in the Champions League, all endorse this course.

The UCFB University based at the Etihad & Wembley Stadiums also endorse all our products.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

There are 2 ways to participate on this course Live ONLINE or Live in the CLASSROOM.

It’s the exact same course on ONLINE or in THE CLASSROOM.


This course has been specifically designed for anyone looking to improve their football knowledge when assessing young players at all levels. It will improve any coach, scout, analyst, manager, technical director and is a massive help for football  agents when evaluating young players. Whether your an amature or professional this course will help.

If you’re already working or aspiring to work at an academy or professional academy this is perfect. 

If you’re a coach looking to gain that extra knowledge to take yourself to a new level and improve you’re coaching, this course will help and have an impact giving you a different perspective when analysing a player from a scouts eye. Analysts, recruitment intermediaries or anyone else working within the game in any position then this course will make an impact to your day to day working practice. 

Some of the best clubs, federations, and leagues in the world work with IPSO.

The IPSO Courses are attended by many full-time scouts, ex-professional footballers, performance analysts, current and aspiring coaches, agents, heads of recruitment, journalists and representative from all around the world, football clubs include; Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Leicester City FC, Everton FC, FC Bayern Munich, Slavia Praha, Legia Warsaw, and many more.



Premier League & International Scout A specialist in Scouting & Opposition Analyst with over 21 years in the game

Ex International footballer Scout & Opposition Analyst, Manager, Specialist Head of Recruitment over 50 years at the highest level

Ex International footballer Scout & Opposition Analyst,  Specialist TV Pundit & Radio Commentator over 37 years in the game at the highest level

Ex footballer Premier League Scout & Opposition Analyst. Specialist working at Leicester City for the last 15 years

Ex player Premier league & International Scout & Opposition Analyst a specialist with over 20 years experience at the highest level

Scout & Performance Analysis Assistant Manager, Head of Analysis, Specialist at International level

Scout & Performance Analysis Specialist Head of Scouting Operations at Middlesbrough 

Ex player Scout & Opposition Analyst  Premier league & international an expert over 20 years in the game

Scout & Goal-Keeper Specialist. Worked all over the world with 30 years in the game at the highest level


28th & 29th MAY





On this occasion will be Colin Chambers.

Scout & Opposition Analyst

Colin is our lead lecturer and education director.

Coming from a humble back ground Colin has worked his way up through the ranks to the top of his profession as a scout with over 21 years’ experience working at the highest levels of the Premier league and international football. As a scout and opposition analyst with most of those years taken up in the Premier league, Colin has also got a good knowledge of international football when scouting under the phenomenal Ted Davies at the Northern Ireland National team. Colin is now modestly known as a world-wide lecturer across the globe teaching & training at many football associations like the Polish FA, Romania FA and AIFF (All India Football Federation). Colin has also taught the staff of prestigious clubs like Slavia Prague, Malmo FF, Fehérvár FC and PFC Ludogorets Razgrad who all regularly participate in the champion’s league. Add to that Universities like the UCFB in Manchester and the Beijing Sports University in China.



If you need more information contact: Srdjan Savic on +381600426192 email: srdsavicscouting@gmail.com You can also email us at scouting@ipsofootball.com

You may be required to receive video links for the course on occasions where you look at the clip through a separate window with other students in tasks then jump back to the course under instructions from the tutor. The course is interactive and participants can ask questions at any time when participating. Your video is required to be turned on throughout the course to create the classroom effect.

Belgrade Serbia at the College of Sport & Health.

Books will be provided and sent by email in PDF format, on the live courses they will be handed out.

English & Serbian 

The times will all be ENGLISH TIME but other times are available if you would like a group booking, please contact us at scouting@ipsofootball.com

When participating in the online version it will be based 100% online. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please check your spam/junk folder, emails can often get found in this area. We advise for best effects that you take the course on a PC or Mac with the latest version of Google Chrome installed for optimal speed and ease of use. Mobile phones are not advised for this course.


When participating live in a classroom version of this course an email will be sent and further instructions will be forwarded the for venue and starting times.


We also have an 

installment plan 

To make it easier for everyone.

Once you’ve paid a deposit of £50 

You can pay anything you like after that until the full fee for the course is paid up, the total amount must be paid before you start the course. Contact us by email at


Or call us on 


If you need the plan.


Create your own bundle and gain a small discount, email or ring us and let us know what you would like to do and we will come up with a good package that suits your needs when looking to improve your education with the IPSO family.



Courses That
Make A Difference


Our main aim at IPSO is to provide the appropriate tools and knowledge that will make you a better amateur or professional football person within the game. But we don’t just stop there, after you take our courses you are part of the IPSO Family.

We pride ourselves of helping our students progress their way into the football world with the help of our growing worldwide network of contacts. We help aspiring amateurs or professionals find their first job in the game by teaching the procedures and the techniques with ”Attention to Detail” that professionals use.

Our courses are endorsed worldwide by the YMCA Awards which makes our diplomas an official document recognized as Education Providers.

What’s the difference between us and other providers? What do we offer?

Someone’s Level 3 course may not be as strong as someone’s Level 1? Don’t think all courses are the same?

The best way to find out about why we differ and why ‘‘we make a difference’’ is to speak to other students who have participated on other workshops and courses from different providers, quite easy to do on social media these days especially on LinkedIn & Facebook.


‘‘Wow the content is brilliant not basic! Exactly what I wanted to learn’’

‘‘They TEACH you to scout & analyse, not just show you’’

‘‘The workshops are better than some courses I’ve been on”

 ”The materials are worth the participation fee alone’’

‘‘It’s worth going on especially for agents/intermediaries to make new contacts in high positions’’

‘‘They make you feel very comfortable regardless of your experience’’

‘‘At every step they made sure everyone understood what was being taught.’’

”If that’s a workshop, i can’t wait to see the courses”

‘‘It was like talking to your mates the tutors are great’’

‘‘It will transform your understanding of the game and teach you how to analyse football in ways you never considered before’’



The professionalism & experience of the tutors.

The strength of the content in materials on the workshop or course.

The added bonuses of free products Jobs4football, Metrica, Noisefeed, Footballersglobal,

The aftercare and help provided after participating.

The methodology and easy descriptive learning to understand clearly.

The world-wide contacts you will gain and meet.

The interactions to ask questions you want to know there and then.

Past students will clarify all this with the attention to detail we go into. 

Not only explaining scouting & analysis clearly but the procedures that should be taken without cutting corners, where mistakes could be made. 

Showing you how to fix any minor problems, why and how to analyse to your advantage to save time to not make any simple mistakes that could cause issues. Tips and experiences that only a very experienced scout would know.