Level 2


13-15 AUG



The Level 2 is all about match reporting/match analysis. It is one of the most detailed and engaging course within the IPSO courses. It’s designed to teach scouts analysts or anyone interested in analysis how to create a detailed match/team report. We will teach you how to analyse 11 players at the same time (at speed), we will also teach you how to analyse a team in how they attack and defend in units separately and collectively as a team. We will teach you how to look at set-plays in a decisive way to implement them into a match report. We will teach you how, where and when to look at a game when analysing the strengths and weaknesses of a team. In total, how to asses a team with a professional infrastructure and look to make the report look professional when presented to the chief scout or head of analysis at a professional club. This skill can’t be learned in 2 hours or overnight it is a BIG SKILL, join us and learn to do the job professionally at the highest level. We will teach you to create reports that will make a difference.

You will have an exam at the end of the course where you create a report on a team and you have a certain criteria to meet to pass the course and gain your qualification. If you fail to pass the course it is not a problem you just take it again until you meet the criteria to pass (as many times as you want for free). You have to earn this certificate you do not get it handed to you for participation. It is challenging and is not a simple course but very rewarding as your certificate will prove you can deliver a very good detailed report on any team. The worldwide endorsement by the YMCA awards is a qualification that means something.


When participating ONLINE: 

Over the three-days you will learn the role of an opposition analyst, reflecting on your current working practices in terms of scouting and analysis, and you will be supported by the IPSO tutor. There is an exam at the end of this course. At IPSO we don’t give away our course certificates you have to earn them. You must write a report on a chosen team from a video or live game and be as close to the tutors report as possible to pass and gain your qualification, proving you can write and work as a professional opposition analyst. There is room for error but they are minimal as you will be well trained after this course and you are expected to pass if you have taken on board all the details that make a difference. You will get feedback on your report and if you fail it’s no problem you take it again as many times as possible for free until you pass and write the report that is passable to the IPSO standard qualification.

The course is endorsed and approved worldwide by the YMCA awards. The India FA (AIFF,) Estonia FA and Romania Football Association along with many football clubs across Europe including Malmo FF, Slavia Praha, Legia Warsaw and Ludogorets who all regularly appear in the Champions League also endorse this course. The UCFB University based at the Etihad & Wembley Stadiums also endorse all our products.

The course has been developed in line with the EPPP.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

When participating on the CLASSROOM Courses: 

They are based on 2 days Saturday & Sunday (other days can be arranged) from 09-00 am to 16-30 pm on both days. It’s the exact same course on both ONLINE & CLASSROOM the only difference is when on the classroom course we take in a live game when possible as part of the proceedings.

The classroom courses will be advertised in the scouting area and are differently priced to the ONLINE courses please note this.


After you’ve successfully completed this course you will have a clear understanding of what makes an effective opposition analyst working in the professional game and how to make important decisions relating to reports created on the up and coming opponents your facing with you football club.

By completing the IPSO Level 2 match reporting course you will receive an IPSO certificate with a worldwide endorsement off the YMCA AWARDS. It’s a great way to pursue full time employment within a professional club. With your new found skills, talent and qualification you will be ideally placed if any opportunities arise in any professional clubs or agencies looking to build up their scouting departments when looking for scouts or opposition analysts.

IPSO is proud to partner with several of the markets leading analysis platforms used by the world’s best football clubs and associations.

Bonuses: All new customers who participate on this TID course will receive 4 weeks exclusive access to jobs4football and 4 week access to Noisfeed, you will also gain Metrica Sports Play and for IPSO scouts (only) you will gain free use of footballersglobal.

jobs4football: Will give you the up to date job opportunities worldwide in football, scouting jobs and opportunities before anyone else.

Noisefeed: Will give you the up to date social media findings with footballers (worldwide) which could have a bearing on signing players.

footballersglobal.com: Is a website for young players worldwide who post their videos on a special platform where you could check them out in your area. For IPSO scouts only.

Metrica Sports: You are now entitled to an exclusive trial of Metrica Sports PLAY software. You will have access to all the features and visuals the software offers, 50 minutes available of automated tracking and an extension for a month of the trial period.

(Please note you only get this offer once when participating on any IPSO product)


This course has been specifically designed for anyone already working or aspiring to work at the very top of the game in football scouting, analysis, recruitment, intermediaries or anyone else working within the game in any position within a club, it will make an impact to your day to day working practice. Some of the best clubs, federations, and leagues in the world work with IPSO.

The IPSO Courses are attended by many full-time scouts, ex-professional footballers, performance analysts, current and aspiring coaches, agents, heads of recruitment, journalists and representative from all around the world, football clubs include; Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Leicester City FC, Everton FC, FC Bayern Munich, Slavia Praha, Legia Warsaw, and many more.


13, 14 & 15 AUGUST




For those who want to continue their learning, the next step is the IPSO performance analysis course. This is learning how performance analysis and analysts work at a professional club. Essential for serious professionals looking to make a living out of the game.

If you need more information contact us for more help or scouting@ipsofootball.com

You may be required to receive video links for the course on occasions where you look at the clip through a separate window with other students in tasks then jump back to the course under instructions from the tutor. The course is interactive and participants can ask questions at any time when participating. Your video is required to be turned on throughout the course to create the classroom effect.

Through Zoom software products.

Books will be provided and sent by email in PDF format, on the live courses they will be handed out.

This will vary. But all presenters are very experienced scouts working at the highest level for over 15 years.

Colin Chambers is an example of one of our lecturers. He is the Education Director at IPSO. Colin has wealth of experience with over 20 years in scouting & analysis in the Premier League and at international football. Colin has travelled the world delivering seminars and courses to a worldwide audience including Football Associations and high level professional football clubs such as Malmo FF & Slavia Prague.

English (But also translated in some countries dependent on the organization).

The times will all be ENGLISH TIME but other times are available if you would like a group booking, please contact us at scouting@ipsofootball.com

Online £250 (RRP £425) we have an instalment payment plan available, please contact us about this at scouting@ipsofootball.com

When participating in the online version it will be based 100% online. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please check your spam/junk folder, emails can often get found in this area. We advise for best effects that you take the course on a PC or Mac with the latest version of Google Chrome installed for optimal speed and ease of use. Mobile phones are not advised for this course.


When participating live in a classroom version of this course an email will be sent and further instructions will be forwarded the for venue and starting times.


Our main aim at IPSO is to provide the appropriate tools and the knowledge that will make you a better football scout and analyst. But we dont just stop there, after you take our courses you are part of the IPSO Family.

We proud ourselves of helping our students progress their way into the scouting world with the help of our growing worldwide network of contacts. We help young aspiring scouts find their first job in the game by teaching the procedures and the techniques with Attention to Detail that professionals use.

Our courses are endorsed worldwide by the YMCA Awards which makes our diplomas an oficial document recognized as Education Providers.


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