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Christopher Telo

Christopher Telo is one of many professional footballers who have completed the IPSO pathway, all the way through from start to finish. As Chris comes to the end of his career he took the opportunity to join IPSO and learn new skills in the world of Scouting & Analysis. Chris participated in all the workshops and all the courses completing the FULL PATHWAY. On his journey, he was taught many new ways of looking at the game from a different perspective with a different eye. Chris had this to say ”I was really impressed with IPSO. Their education program is excellent. They are great courses with passionate and knowledgeable instructors. Despite playing professional football for 18 years, I learned loads of new things. I recommend the course to everybody who wants to increase their knowledge about football.” It just goes to show even professionals will learn with IPSO. Our cutting-edge products and specialist tutors really do make a difference!