Brand New Performance Analysis Course

As the game changes so does IPSO.

We are now delighted to announce our very first performance analysis course (with others to follow).

The course is designed to teach students the foundations and fundamentals of performance analysis. You will be shown the art of using the software behind the scenes at a professional club.

When entering into the world of performance analysis there is a structured way of starting off your journey to understand the reasons why you use performance analysis and how you use it. Professional clubs need these analysts and we will show you how to get the best out of all the main analytical tools used behind the scenes.  We will show you the importance of game analysis to help you understand its internal logic, not only how your team played within the game, but also the opponent’s main characteristics in strengths and weaknesses.

You will be shown the roles involved and we will go into detail about the tools to use with the procedures you need to advance deeper into the role of a performance analyst at the highest level. We will start with roles and responsibilities then move onto the way you look at teams and players using analytical software such as Wyscout and Instat then talk about the many other devices that you may be required to learn to and use within a professional club.  We will show you how the artificial intelligence within the machine works to understand how he game works from an analytical approach to bring you the insights you need to fulfill your role.

During the course you will be tested and challenged with small tasks and assessments while learning your new skills expert guidance from the tutor Stephen Gent, current Head of Scouting Operations for Middlesbrough FC, a specialist performance analyst who’s worked at the highest level for many years.  Steven will then explain the best ways to use the tools with specialist’s tips and antidotes as you challenge yourself in the calculation of the statistics.

As part of your task you will be shown how to highlight and build collaborative presentations using dynamic and static visualizations tools from Metrica PLAY, an analytical software aimed to enhance your video analysis, to send directly to the coaching staff and individual players. This will help you communicate easily with players and staff by adding visual enhancements to your observations in a simplified way. All this with constant feedback from our specialist tutors.

Throughout the course you will be learning new skills, new tools and new ideas while networking with new contacts from all around the world.

Move your career forward become an indispensable part of the technical team at a football club.

Join us as IPSO takes you to the next Level.


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