We are pleased to announce the inauguration of the career section on our official website. There you will find special application form, so you can get internships with Polish Extra league clubs, first division clubs and clubs abroad.

All people who participated in scouting courses organized by IPSO and successfully passed a written exam consisting in the preparation of the player report received a special certificate and an individual membership number and as promised, the relationship between IPSO and course participants never ends.

We have already announced that we will provide support in job search or help in organizing travel to internships in domestic and foreign clubs. Several of you have already taken advantage of this opportunity, but we want to move this initiative a bit further.

– Thanks to the special an application form, open from today on our website, you can apply for internships in the clubs of the Polish Extra league and first division. We already have cooperation with several of them, where the IPSO course participants are welcome. “This is an important step in the development of IPSO,” said Kamil Potrykus, managing director.

“Many people who have completed our course, work in league clubs every day. However, we want to bring this opportunity to those who only dream about it. The internship is of course only a first step towards this, but we are very pleased with the positive response from Polish clubs regarding cooperation and we hope that it will prove very fruitful,” he added.

We encourage you to fill a special form. Those who do choose to do this will be then contacted later via e-mail to provide details of the procedure for getting internships.