IPSO became a partner of the most prestigious post-graduate studies in sports management – FIFA/CIES Sport Management Programme, launched in cooperation PL.2012 – the operator of PGE Narodowy, Kozminski University and the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES). The innovative program is implemented in 16 countries around the world.

‘Obtaining the partnership of the FIFA CIES Sport Management Programme local studies is a great honour for us and a huge step in the development of our brand,’ said Kamil Potrykus, managing director of IPSO.

In February due to our cooperation, we prepared a four-hour lecture for students, led by Kamil Potrykus and Colin Chambers, who presented the mechanisms related to recruitment in the sport.

‘We focused on the importance of scouting from the business side, we talked about the role of this profession in the structures of each professional club and its importance in the financial context. Proper selection of players can bring tangible benefits and avoid unnecessary losses. However, for that you need good player selection and recruitment, you need to keep an eye on the sports goals,’ said Kamil Potrykus. ‘In the case of clubs with smaller budgets, and thus slightly less ambition, it’s easier to decide to sell top players. However, those that are fighting for the top places sometimes face major dilemmas. For example, Legia Warszawa, have Nemanja Nikolic and after half a year of playing for Legia, got the offer for 5 million pounds, but take into account the fact that keeping the player at the club can help them win the Polish championship, and maintain their strength in European competition. The financial benefits from this outcome may exceed the amount of Nikolic sale, so Legia decided to keep him,’ said Potrykus. ‘This is just one of the examples mentioned in Warsaw. During the lecture we mainly used the numbers, presenting the different strategies used by the clubs. For example, the model of promoting young players, buying and selling players and long-term process of building the team. The audience also had the opportunity to ask questions which also triggered an interesting interaction between lecturers and participants,’ added Potrykus.

FIFA/CIES Sport Management Programme is a unique program designed for the development of the discipline of sport management using the latest knowledge and best practices. During the study, participants will gain modern knowledge of management, planning and organizing sports projects, learn how to use marketing tools and how to use management skills, taking into account the current realities in the sports industry in the world.

This elitist programme started in our country last year. The classes are taught by academics from Kozminski University and practitioners in the field of sport management.

‘The strength of the project are among others excellent partners,’ said Rector of Kozminski University, prof. Witold T. Bielecki. ‘We are glad that there was an opportunity to connect different experiences with a common purpose, which is to educate people managing the sports sector professionally,’ he added.

Over 180 hours of studies are divided into 6 modules: management, marketing, law, finance, communication and event management. Students also take part in practical activities taking place at the National Stadium, PGE, participating closely in the development of major sporting events and entertainment in our country.

It is worth noting that the CIES, namely the International Centre for the Study of Sports in Neuchatel in Switzerland, very carefully selects partners co-organizing the FIFA/CIES Sport Management Programme in the world, which guarantees the highest standard of teaching.

We at IPSO are very proud to be one of them.